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What should I do if I encounter something unclean in my life?

Most people say that they don't believe in superstition, but what should we do if we encounter some unclean things in our life? Xiaobian will help you solve them~

When you encounter dirty things, don't think you have heavy Yang Qi and sufficient Qi and blood, just take it as nothing. You should deliberately provoke. Because from the perspective of geomancy, we can't predict the quantity and danger of dirty things, so when we encounter unclean things, we'd better avoid them, or as if we didn't see them, and continue to do what we do.

Keep calm. When you come across something unclean, be sure to keep calm. Don't panic or scream. The best way is to nibble the tip of the tongue, because the blood on the tip of the tongue is also the most Yang thing. Nibbling the tip of the tongue can not only calm yourself, but also frighten those dirty things. If you find something dirty that seems to be approaching you, you can spit at it. The one with phlegm is the best. Saliva is also called body fluid, which belongs to Yang. That's the bullet that everyone carries to deal with evil. It's bad luck for people to spit on others. When ghosts encounter saliva, they must avoid it.

Now most people will carry some anti evil items, such as pendants, necklaces, bracelets, Buddhist beads and so on. When you encounter something that is not clean, if you put the anti evil things in your clothes, you should take it out; if you put it in your bag, you'd better take it out and hold it in your hand immediately, so that you can make the dirty things dare not come near you. In addition, friends who don't carry anti evil things can read Buddhist Scriptures or play exorcism music. These music can not only influence each other, but also be your self-defense weapon.

After meeting unclean things: before going home, be sure to shake your clothes and stamp your feet at the door. If you call your family before, you can prepare a brazier. A fire bowl is a great way to keep dirt out of the house.

Ginger tonic can encounter unclean things, if the time to go home is in the daytime, it is recommended to cut ginger, add some sugar to drink, so as to instantly improve the body Yang Qi of the parties, so as to improve their resistance. If it's time to go home at night, you need ginger hot water to scald your feet to supplement the energy of the person concerned.

Broom Exorcism in the folk encounter unclean things, or dream of bad things, will put a home broom Exorcism in the bedside. But it should be noted that such brooms must be used, and the longer they are used, the better. And those who are addicted to cleanliness buy new brooms to ward off evil spirits, which has no effect at all.

It's also said that you should make good use of the anti evil things, so it's suggested that you can wear anti evil things on your body to prevent unclean things from getting close to you. Or when you sleep, put an anti evil object beside your pillow, so that you can protect yourself when your Yang is the weakest (when you sleep, your Yang is the weakest). In addition, to maintain a good attitude, and adequate sleep, is also very important.