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Why does Jackie Chan not recognize his daughter? Jackie Chan's daughter

original title: Jackie Chan tearfully expresses his difficulties in denying his daughter in two months, Jackie Chan's daughter Wu Zhuolin will be 16 years old. Growing up in a single parent family, she has no confidence in anyone and has never been in love. Her goal of dating is to get married and have children, but she doesn't have this goal. She doesn't want to waste her time. Dressed in neutral, she has never liked men or women since she grew up. Zhuo Lin recalls that the saddest thing at that time was not that he didn't have a father, but that he was discriminated against, bullied and even beaten by his classmates. Some students often take her things, schoolbags, lunch boxes and other daily necessities. Only 8 or 9 years old, can't resist, also dare not resist. Mother can't bear it, went to school with each other's parents theory, fearless. Because I grew up in a unique environment and suffered too much harm, I would be wary of meeting friends and wonder why they would make friends with her.

When Hong Kong media reported to Jackie Chan about his daughter's growth experience, Jackie Chan said with tears, "the person he is most sorry for in his life is his daughter. Between his wife Lin Fengjiao and his daughter, he can't choose to accept her. I believe her daughter will understand his situation when she grows up. Will Jackie Chan's words be forgiven by his daughter? "For many years, Jackie Chan has been indifferent to Wu Qili's mother and daughter. Now her daughter is almost 16 years old, and looks like a cake with him. But no one thought that Jackie Chan was a man of stone. He never raised his daughter, and he didn't leave her any money in his 2 billion plus family. Although Jackie Chan admitted her daughter on many occasions, she didn't expect her daughter to admit that she had a father. The slap seemed to hit Jackie Chan in the face, which made the irresponsible father lose face. Zhuolin is honest that having a mother is enough. He doesn't need a father.

According to reports, Zhuolin, who was hurt in her childhood, became introverted. She was very careful when making friends. She didn't want too many people to know what she thought. She felt that three good friends were enough to keep a small circle. She didn't know whether she was living in the shadow of "Little Dragon Girl". Zhuolin wanted to study film related majors in University and had to "back off" for fear that everyone would think I like movies, but I'm afraid that people say that her father and mother are both actors. I think she depends on human relations. This is actually a personal interest. When Zhuolin, who likes movies, is asked if she has ever seen Jackie Chan's play, she says she doesn't know him and won't criticize him, because she doesn't have this person in her life. Seeing him on TV is just a stranger, and she won't say 'this is my father! ", only Jackie Chan is an actor.

Because of her willfulness more than 10 years ago, Wu Qili gave birth to Jackie Chan's daughter, XiaoLongNu. As a result, Jackie Chan still thinks that the incident of XiaoLongNu was deliberately framed by Wu Qili, and has repeatedly claimed that she will not be responsible for XiaoLongNu's future, and does not recognize this daughter. I remember when Jackie Chan admitted to the media that he "made the mistakes that all men in the world would make.". Frank Little Dragon Girl incident has become the biggest stain in his life. 'I know I'm sorry for this daughter, but her mother is such a person. I really don't know what I'm going to do to this daughter. 'now that my daughter has grown up, she will soon go to college. Everyone on earth knows that Jackie Chan has a daughter. Whether you recognize her or not, her blood is cut continuously. I didn't expect that my daughter didn't recognize the father. There was no such person in her life. What a irony.

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