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Why do people dream when they sleep? How to recuperate when sleeping? Why dream?

Many people dream at night, and some even dream often. When they dream, they feel very tired, and their sleep quality is very poor. As a matter of fact, dreaming often does harm to the body. Different dreams correspond to different body and mind, and the treatment methods are not the same. Next, let's have a look.

Why do people dream when they sleep? How to recuperate when sleeping? Why dream?

Often do some strange, with their own life has nothing to do with the dream

The things we dream about are not very clear. We call this kind of dream 'wandering outside the object, the soul is not attached to the body', which is related to the liver. "The liver stores blood, the blood takes the soul.". People who dream these dreams can't keep their blood and their soul. We usually use the method of nourishing liver blood to help them to keep their soul and sleep peacefully.

In this regard, traditional Chinese medicine has a prescription - Suanzaoren Decoction: we usually fry Suanzaoren and use it to boil water, and add some anti adjuvant plants, including Poria cocos, which is also called Fu Shen and has the effect of calming the nerves.

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Dream of the trivia of the day

These people sleep light and their consciousness is still active. Traditional Chinese medicine talks about the idea of the spleen. People who have these dreams have poor digestive function (stomach) and absorption function (spleen). Traditional Chinese medicine believes that when people fall asleep, the soul is resting, and the soul is still working. At this time, the stomach and intestines are still wriggling, digesting and absorbing.

The spleen and stomach function is poor. The work of soul alone is not enough to complete the task. We should mobilize the soul that should rest to help it work. In this way, we will have dreams and drool. For this kind of dream caused by indigestion, we should help him improve his digestion and absorption function, and improve his courage. When he digests food at night, he doesn't have to disturb his soul, and his dream will be less.

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Have strange dreams, nightmares, and dream of falling from a tall building

Or to see bloody scenes, or to be bitten by dogs or snakes, or to dream of dead people, or to dream of falling into dirty places. In traditional Chinese medicine, this is the problem of the kidney. The kidney is the body's main fear. If people's kidney qi or kidney essence is damaged, they will often have some panic dreams.

Generally, people who have these dreams have some experiences of losing their sperm or being frightened, or some changes have taken place in their families or relatives. For these people, we usually use hot drugs to help them remove cold phlegm and blood stasis; in addition, we need to add mineral drugs.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mineral medicine is relatively heavy and can remove fear. The mineral medicines we usually choose are keel, oyster, shell and magnet. If dreams are particularly frightening, we use a small amount of cinnabar. When these people get rid of cold phlegm and blood stasis, these dreams will naturally disappear.

In fact, for a healthy person, it should be a sleep as soon as you open and close your eyes. You won't feel so tired. So when we have insomnia or dreaminess, we must pay attention to that we are already in a sub-health state, and we should carry out self-regulation.

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