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Why do you have white hair? Long white hair how to do?

asked Ms. fan

My daughter is only in her 20s, and she's starting to grow grey. Every time I see it, I pull it out for her. Now she works in other places and seldom comes back. When she comes home on New Year's day, her white hair grows out a lot. I dare not do it. Is it true that an old saying goes that one root grows three?

The little girl's long white hair is not very good-looking, not to mention that she has not been married. It's not the kind of little white head. What's the matter? Is it aging so fast? Is there any way to remedy it?

Now that I asked about the white hair, could you answer one more thing I really want to know? In novels and movies, there are often stories about the white hair overnight, such as the famous white haired witch. Will this happen in reality?

Answer from Peng Jianzhong, deputy chief physician of Dermatology Department of Hangzhou Third People's Hospital

It seems that there are several questions about white hair, and we will answer them one by one.

First, why do we have white hair? Does it mean that we are old?

There are many melanin granules in the medulla and cortex of hair. If the tyrosinase of black cells in hair follicles loses its activity and cannot produce melanin, the hair will lack melanin. At the same time, where the pigment granules are filled in the hair, it will be replaced by air. Air bubbles produce light reflection, and the hair will look white.

Generally speaking, people will have a large area of white hair after menopause, which is a sign of aging and a manifestation of natural aging.

But on the contrary, having white hair does not necessarily mean aging. For example, some young people occasionally grow a few white hair, which may be caused by many reasons.

First, as the saying goes, "ShaoBaiTou" has something to do with genes.

Second, it may be because of diseases, such as vitiligo. Of course, this disease is not only that the hair will turn white, but also the skin of the whole body will turn white.

Third, genetic factors, if the parents' hair is white early, then the children will have white hair early.

The occurrence of white hair is different from person to person, and is affected by the environment, nutritional conditions and genetic control.

Although some people grow white hair when they are young, they are in good health, so the appearance of white hair is not a sign of aging, and it does not have much impact on the health of young people, so we don't have to worry about some white hair.

The second question is, does "one night bald" really exist?

This kind of situation often appears in martial arts novels, which often exists in the phenomenon that one's hair suddenly turns white after experiencing extreme fear, disappointment, worry, fear and other emotions. Not only Chinese novels, but also comics in Japan, South Korea and other countries. However, clinically, we have not found such cases.

There was a report in Japan about the effect of stress on hair. When people are under great pressure, the capillaries of the scalp will continue to contract, which leads to the low function of hair mother cells, and the ability of melanocytes to produce melanin also decreases. The decrease of melanin directly leads to the birth of white hair. But this is a step-by-step process, and the hair will begin to turn white from the root. It is impossible for the hair that has grown out to turn white overnight.

The third question is, is it possible for people to say that white hair 'plucks one and grows three'?

There is no reason for this, because hair follicles exist independently and do not affect each other at all. More and more white hair is not how long you pull it out. In fact, there are so many if you don't pull it out. Does the truth sound a little sad.

Finally, I'd like to give you some suggestions. Do you have any maintenance methods if you want to come later?

Young people's white hair is closely related to staying up late, mood and nutrition. Need to maintain a happy mood at ordinary times, pay attention to the combination of work and rest.

Nervous stress can also promote the growth of white hair in a short time, just as the saying goes' worry, white head ', this is true. Mental stress, anxiety and severe mental trauma, as well as severe headache, can make the body nervous dysfunction, leading to hair dystrophy, lead to white hair.

In the diet, eat more foods containing vitamin B group and trace elements such as copper, zinc, iron, which are also indispensable raw materials for the synthesis of melanin. Black sesame, walnut, Polygonum multiflorum and so on also have considerable help to white hair blackening.

Therefore, if you want to prevent gray hair, try not to accumulate pressure, while maintaining adequate sleep and balanced nutrition, develop good living habits is very important.