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What should I do after a burn?

Fire, boiling water, etc. can cause burns or scalds. High temperature can destroy human tissues, and even make tissues and cells necrotic. If the burn site is not handled properly, it may also be secondary to bacterial infection, which seriously damages human health.

According to the depth of the injury, the burn is divided into three degrees. First degree burn is the lightest, the injured part is only red, there is pain and burning feeling, generally cured within 1 week, leaving no scar. Superficial second degree burns are often accompanied by blisters, with obvious pain and healing within 2 weeks; deep second degree burns are more severe, healing more slowly, and often leave scars after healing. The depth of third degree burn reaches to muscle or even bone, and the injured part may be burnt black, unable to heal by itself.

Understanding the characteristics of burn depth is helpful to judge the injury. Of course, professional treatment should be given to doctors. In case of burn, try to deal with it calmly and quickly to avoid more injury due to improper handling.

When your clothes are on fire, don't call for help while running. It's easy to increase the fire and aggravate the burn. The correct way is to roll on the spot in a safe place to extinguish the fire. In case of a pool, it is better to jump into the pool. Don't try to put out the flame with your hands to prevent your hands from being burned. If it is scalded by boiling water, the soaked clothes should be taken off as soon as possible, but do not tear the clothes in a hurry, so as not to aggravate the damage of scalded parts.

If the burned skin is only red after exposure, it indicates that the burn depth is still one degree. At this time, the affected area can be rinsed or soaked with cold water, which can take away heat and reduce local damage. If blisters or burnt black appear on the surface of the burn, it means that the depth of the burn is at least two degrees or more. Go to the hospital for treatment immediately.

The blister of the wound should be well protected, because the blister skin is quite beneficial to the wound healing. Do not apply colored drugs on the surface of the injury, which will interfere with the doctor's judgment of the injury. Before going to the hospital, you can cover the wound with a clean cloth for simple protection.

Severe burns often feel thirsty, at this time remember not to drink white water. If possible, a small amount of normal saline can be taken orally to quench thirst.