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Why is LV bag so expensive? Give you a reason to buy LV bag

There is always a young girl asked me, save a long time of money, take advantage of the festival to buy a good package to comfort themselves, what to buy?

There are too many bags worth buying, which make people dazzled. The pictures of trendy street in magazines, each of them fantasize about carrying on their back. If you look at the expensive price and bold color matching, you don't think it's suitable for you. Just think about it and let it go. After March, a new round of global luxury price hikes finally spread to China, which is a big step away from the first luxury.

There are only two hesitations: style and brand. Let's talk about brand today.

If there's only a four figure budget and one choice, then I would definitely recommend Lv.

Tell a story about Lv. Ten years ago, I went to a university where there were countless Bai Fumei. I didn't see the sports cars in line at the gate. There were many girls carrying LV on campus. I met one of them, once chatting, I summoned up the courage to say that the LV in your hand is very expensive, more than 1000 yuan, she was a little embarrassed, reported the number of 8000, I was shocked, 8000 buy a bag? It's hard to understand, the original Lv is so expensive.

I still remember the appearance of that bag. Later, when I read the official website, I found that its name was taken from Palermo, the capital of Sicilia.

Four years later, I went to study in Hong Kong and brought a Gucci, my first luxury. However, I found that in Hong Kong, from Filipino maids to maids to ladies, from students to bank staff, everyone has a LV with vegetables or contracts in it. Fortunately, there is a diamond hidden in the crevice. When I take the bus, I put it by my side without special care or contempt. It is like a friend who has been with me for a long time. I dig my heart when I need it, and I am quiet when I don't need it.

It's easy to get rid of the dirt and discoloration of Gucci. I am determined to start a classic speedy, so I have to pay off one third of my living expenses every month. When I had a ten yuan special, I regretted my vanity, but gradually the bag became a necessity in my life. When you go to the library, the bag is big and can hold three or four books at a time. When you eat, you can sprinkle soup on it. You can just wipe it with a paper towel. You can take it to Lamma Island at one time. The wind and waves on the sea and the branches on the island have not hurt it. The most important thing is that in Hong Kong, the fashion capital, LV will not make mistakes in matching any clothes, it will not rob the light of clothes, and it will not be ignored. Finally, it was folded into a thin shape and came back to Beijing with me.

In the past, when my mother heard LV, she would wave her hand and say 'don't buy, don't buy'. This is what Auntie Wang, who collects parking fees at the gate of the community, carries. Fake, full of logo, high exposure is its original sin.

But on the other hand, because of the success of the brand, the fake logo is the traditional printing of others, and the high exposure rate shows that it is practical.

What qualities do women need for their first bag? I think it's durable and versatile. Lv's monogram and Damier patterns have been engraved in people's hearts, so it doesn't look abrupt. Lacquer and water ripple series, each color has a high saturation, restore color. Once popular 33 color series, gradually stopped production, fortunately received two as a memorial, that is Lv's most bold breakthrough. Later, LV launched limited edition with contemporary artists such as Murakami, Kusama, Kawabata and Richard prince, which is a good attempt to match art with people.

I don't want to repeat the history of LV, but it was made of leather goods, and it was the first to build a suitcase for the royal family. Its quality is strong and durable. I've been to the LV art space-time exhibition at the National Museum of art, and I'm most surprised that it covers all aspects of life. From a marching bed to a pair of mahjong, the more life-oriented, the more need to hone quality. Therefore, compared with those brands famous for their clothes and shoes and developing luggage, workmanship is its biggest advantage. As long as there is a chance, I will observe the routing of different LV bags, every needle is meticulous, and even the angle is the same. The pattern is strictly symmetrical, never overflow color, each bag is marked with the factory number and production date. What's more, LV technology is not easy to imitate. The so-called advanced defense and super-a can find the difference just by looking at the pictures. No one can imitate LV, and it will show its flaws.

Lv's after-sales service is the best in luxury goods, and even the website is the most attentive. I found an old bag with a history of more than ten years. The skin of the zipper head fell off. I called the LV customer service. She patiently and sweetly recorded my information. Finally, she told me that as long as I got the nearest store, it was free of charge for maintenance. After half a year, in order to ask a model to call customer service, she even reported my name directly. As long as you call once, she will treat you as a lifelong customer. I went to the LV store with the bag, worried that because of the long time, the counter would refuse to repair it. As a result, they patiently checked the problem and gave me the proof of repair. They said that as long as it was genuine LV, they would be responsible for the repair even after 100 years. Half a month later, the bag sent to Shanghai for repair was brought back and put in a brand new dust bag. LV is not all free to repair, but the quotation of each part is clearly written, ranging from hundreds to thousands. As long as there are accessories, the maintenance time can also be promised. Other brands are not so lucky, they need to be sent to distant countries, after six months of waiting, to get back. I lost Dolce Gabbana's shoulder strap by accident and wanted to match it. They said with regret that they didn't have one.

Of course, we need to distinguish between quality problems and normal wear and tear. Bags are used for use, not for supply. All leathers will show traces when they are used. We should treat this as normal rather than nitpicking. If you use a bag frequently, the stains and sweat stains on your hands will go deep into the skin, leading to the discoloration of the matching skin. LV after trial, will become a good-looking honey color, the original skin pores blocked, showing a luster. Some people even put on gloves and rub the matching skin repeatedly, in order to speed up the process of changing honey color. But as a friendly reminder, don't clean LV unless you have to. Cleaning will destroy the oil on the surface and make the pores open and become rough and hard.

The exhibition was criticized by many people to the effect that the commercial exhibition held by the National Museum insulted the national dignity. But I regard them as a work of art full of traces of time, a witness of time.

LV can be handed down from generation to generation. I've seen LV decades ago. Compared with the sales money today, the change is not obvious. The classic will be consistent, but only the details will be changed. So even if it is passed on to her daughter, it will not be out of date. On the contrary, the bag full of traces of time is more precious. LV also provides free lettering service. On the leather of the bag (note that not every bag is OK), two or three English letters are engraved, marking that the bag belongs to you. For a little money, you can also customize the color stitching on the canvas, choose a location, match with several colors, so that the elegant old flowers have more witty changes. Utilitarian point, LV never discount, discount season will not see half price of the feeling. Even if you sell it, the basic model will have a good price. Compared with those Gucci, Prada and LV, which can only sell a small amount, they can still maintain their value. There was a time when some women were in vogue to buy second-hand luxury goods from Japan. LV was the most popular brand among them. Some bags of decades old were still kept as new as ever. Japan, once the largest consumer of luxury goods, consumed a lot of Lv. The Japanese people, who always paid attention to the combination of delicacy and use, had already told us that it was right to choose Lv.

Once upon a time, there was a sarcastic saying that I saved a few months to buy an LV, but I packed the subway on my back. Today, I think it's too unfair. Save money to buy an entry-level luxury, and then gradually come into contact with world-class workmanship and design. Squeezing the subway is just a way of life. Besides, the material and color of LV won't hurt when passing the security check.