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Why are the walking dead banned?

Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, and finally looking forward to the seventh season of the walking dead, but it was banned. Why? I believe netizens who have seen the first half of the season should know that this season's plot is too bloody and violent, even the American radio and television can't stand it. It is reported that in the United States, only adults are allowed to watch the seventh season of related dramas.

What's the story like in season 7?

With the return of the seventh season of walking dead, fans who have seen this episode must be deeply grieved, because in this episode, there are more than one character killed by negan, but two -- including Glenn, who has been a delivery boy since the first season. In addition, his method of killing people was very cruel. He killed people alive with a baseball bat. This is a devastating blow to Rick, who is the leader of this team. In the end, he has to face the reality that nugo has become a hostage. In this regard, the audience expressed their empathy, and they have posted on Twitter to express their inner feelings. There are also some viewers dedicated to the above release of some mourning Glenn this role of tweets.

Nigan then taunts his ex girlfriend Rosita. In order to protect Rosita, brother Nu jumps out and gives Nigan an an old punch. After nuggo was captured by Nigan's men, the latter began to tell Rick and his party how to abide by order and learn to obey. Then without warning, he turned around and gave Glen a blow on his knees. Glen's death is also the most tragic episode in the whole book. His eyes are highlighted by Nigan's stick, which also pays homage to the plot of the original cartoon. Finally, Glen is beaten in the head, and the camera also shows a close-up of the broken skull, blood and brain of him and Abraham. Later, Rick made up for the scene of other members' death under the stick, which was no less tragic than Glenn's death.

As soon as the episode was aired, Tim winter, President of the American parent Film Association, came forward to denounce that the new episode of walking dead broke the limits of cable TV: "it's the most violent program we've ever seen on TV, and it's hard to match even the most violent program on local cable TV. 'This episode is positioned at the tv-ma level, that is, only adults can watch it, and when it is broadcast, TV stations constantly warn that there will be bloody scenes.

Why is walking dead season 7 banned?

It is reported that the State Administration of radio, film and television of China will ban the broadcasting of unregistered overseas dramas from April 1, 2015. It is required that overseas films and TV dramas used for Internet and other network transmission must obtain the "film release license" or "TV drama distribution license" according to law, and the broadcast content is healthy and promotes the truth, goodness and beauty, otherwise they must not be broadcast online.