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Why snore when sleeping? What are the hazards of women snoring?

Snoring is very common in real life, usually occurs in middle-aged people, will have a certain impact on the rest of the people around, but also harm their own health. For women, it still affects the skin, so we should pay attention to it and go to the hospital for scientific treatment. So, why do women snore? Here's what Xiaobian did for you. I hope it's useful for you.

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What are the reasons for women snoring?

1. Female obesity: obesity is one of the most important causes of snoring. Some women are very fat, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of snoring, because the airway of obese people is narrower than normal people, when sleeping at night, nerve excitability drops, muscle relaxation, pharyngeal tissue blockage, so that the upper airway collapses, when the air flow through the narrow part, it will produce vortex flow, also cause vibration, so bursts of snoring also produced.

2. Tongue hypertrophy 2: after observation, it will be found that many slim women will snore. This is because although some women are not fat, some parts of them may be too fat, such as hypertrophy of tonsil, soft palate and tongue, too long uvula, loose throat, falling back of tongue, etc.

3. Nasal abnormalities: respiratory tract, nasopharynx, jaw physiological abnormalities are also causes of snoring. For example, nasal septum deviation, nasal polyps can cause nasal stenosis, resulting in airflow blockage, so if women with these diseases sleep will snore.

How to prevent women from snoring:

1. Strengthen physical exercise and keep good living habits.

2. Avoid smoking and drinking, because smoking can aggravate respiratory symptoms, drinking can aggravate snoring, night breathing disorders and hypoxemia. Especially drinking before going to bed.

3. For obese people, we should actively reduce weight and strengthen exercise. Our experience is to lose more than 5% - 10% of weight.

4. Most snoring patients have decreased blood oxygen content, so they are often accompanied by hypertension, arrhythmia, increased blood viscosity, increased heart burden, which easily lead to the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, we should pay attention to the monitoring of blood pressure and take antihypertensive drugs on time.

5. Do not take sedative and sleeping drugs before going to bed, so as not to aggravate the inhibition of respiratory center regulation.

6. Take the lateral position, especially the right position, to avoid the tongue, soft palate and uvula sagging and aggravating the upper airway obstruction. A small ball can be put on the back during sleep, which is helpful to maintain the lateral position sleep.

7. The patients after operation should mainly eat soft food instead of hot food. Avoid strenuous activities.

8. Choose the right pillow

Some people think that raising the pillow helps to improve breathing. In fact, it has the opposite effect.

9. Don't drink before going to bed

Many people feel that drinking a cup before going to bed can keep them warm in winter. Studies have shown that drinking before going to bed can lead to increased blood sugar and blood pressure, narrow respiratory tract, poor breathing and snoring. So don't drink before going to bed.

10. Using humidifier

How to prevent snoring, keep the bedroom air moist, can avoid throat and mouth dry, can also prevent the accumulation of nasal mucus.

11. Have some honey before going to bed

Honey helps to lubricate the throat and smooth the respiratory tract, so add some honey to the Anshen tea before going to bed to prevent snoring.

12. Proper exercise

To maintain healthy living habits, strengthen exercise, appropriate weight loss, maintain a good figure, these are helpful to solve the problem of sleep and quality of life of snoring.

Harm of snoring in women

First, women who snore will suffer from malaise of Qi and blood circulation, which will lead to malaise of complexion, rough skin, obesity, bad breath, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and other diseases that seriously damage their health. In severe cases, they may even enter menopause 3-15 years in advance. The biggest defects affecting women's beauty are dark circles under the eyes, big bags under the eyes, fishtail lines and facial skin relaxation. Poor sleep quality will cause facial skin relaxation, eye pigmentation, large bags under the eyes, dark circles and crow's-feet lines, but also make the eye white unclear, cloudy eyes give people the feeling of old age, crow's-feet lines that appear too early will also bring you long-term worries and anxiety, no cosmetics can help.

Snoring women generally make their lovers feel disgusted and disgusted, directly affect the current or future couple's feelings and sex life, and also affect the growth and development of their children to a certain extent. For example, snoring during pregnancy will cause fetal hypoxia and seriously affect the growth, development and intelligence of the fetus;

Second, snoring women generally have heavy psychological pressure in social interaction, especially when they sleep with high mental tension, and they are drowsy when they work and study during the day, which gives people a feeling of listlessness and loss, and eventually leads to such cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases as neurasthenia, neurosis, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, as well as inferiority complex, loneliness, anxiety and interpersonal discord The personality disorder of congruence;

Third, the latest research report of foreign medical institutions points out that: women who are overweight, older and have the habit of smoking are most likely to have snoring problems, but women who are young, slim, hate smoking and have a normal life, once they snore, it indicates that they have latent neurasthenia, high blood pressure and heart disease. In order to avoid snoring to life, work and social communication brought many troubles, timely prevention and treatment is a wise move for female patients.

Fourth, female snoring can lead to sleeplessness, daytime sleepiness, drowsiness; blood pressure rise after waking up; shallow sleep, headache after waking up; angina pectoris and arrhythmia during night sleep; memory loss, slow response, and reduced work and learning ability.