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Why does Zhang Xiaofan turn into a ghost?

The TV series qingyunzhi is on the air. The protagonists Zhang Xiaofan and GUI Li, who are played by Li Yifeng, are stubborn, firm, affectionate and righteous. They have great Buddhist Prajna skills and swallow blood beads. They have learned the world's first martial arts Tianshu by chance. They are the only three practitioners of Buddhism, Taoism and demons. So why does Zhang Xiaofan turn into a ghost? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

It turns out that Zhang Xiaofan will become a ghost, which has the most direct connection with Baguio. Baguio always has only Zhang Xiaofan in mind. Baguio's character is a person who can go crazy for love, and Baguio's final destiny is to fight the fire for the desperate moth of love. It turns out that the reason why Zhang Xiaofan became a big killer of the demon sect is that although Zhang Xiaofan worshipped the Qingyun gate, Zhang Xiaofan had the unique martial arts of Buddhism and Taoism. After the matter was discovered by the immortal xuandao, Zhang Xiaofan still didn't tell the real reason.

After recovering consciousness, Zhang Xiaofan was rescued by Baguio's father. Facing the reality that Baguio died miserably in order to save herself, Zhang Xiaofan felt guilty and hated himself. Zhang Xiaofan destroyed Baguio's father who gave back to him. Zhang Xiaofan decided to change his face and work for Baguio's father. After the death of Baguio, Zhang Xiaofan wants to change a person. He is no longer a kind and gentle innocent boy, but a murderous devil. If he doesn't agree, he will kill his own men.

Zhang Xiaofan's arrival at GUI Li is the end of a person. Li Yifeng's manner is consistent with Zhang Xiaofan's stupidity in the Qingyun peak period, and his serious appearance is also quite like that of GUI Li period. In the novel, daoxuan is worried that Xiaofan will be used by the demon sect and bring disaster to the common people, so she splits the sword to Xiaofan. In order to save Xiaofan, Biyao uses the infatuated curse to block the sword, and the ghost king takes Xiaofan down Qingyun Mountain.

Zhang Xiaofan, heartbroken, betrayed Qingyun and joined the ghost King clan. The ghost king named him GUI Li and became the deputy leader of the ghost King clan. From then on, his character changed greatly, and he was cold and bloodthirsty on weekdays. Zhang Xiaofan's life was full of ups and downs, great sorrow and bitterness, gratitude and resentment, and all kinds of bitterness. But what makes people admire is that he is always mentally determined. Let's look forward to Zhang Xiaofan and GUI Li played by Li Yifeng.