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Why can have pregnant reaction? Pregnant reaction is serious how to alleviate

What is pregnancy reaction? In early pregnancy (about six weeks after menopause), the increase of hCG in pregnant women, the decrease of gastric acid secretion and the extension of gastric emptying time lead to a series of reactions, such as dizziness and fatigue, loss of appetite, acid loving food or aversion to greasy nausea, morning vomiting, etc. These symptoms generally do not need special treatment. After 12 weeks of gestation, with the decrease of hCG level in the body, most symptoms disappear naturally and appetite returns to normal.

When does the pregnancy reaction begin? Because of the combined effect of hormone and hCG, the pregnancy reaction of pregnant women in the early stage of pregnancy, and everyone will have different physical changes according to the difference of physical fitness. Generally speaking, different individuals have different degrees of reaction. The occurrence time of pregnancy reaction is related to the individual constitution of pregnant women, but it usually occurs in 40 days after menopause. In addition, the pregnancy reaction is related to the hormone level in the body, some pregnant women may not have symptoms, and the common pregnancy reactions are: nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, fatigue and so on.

How to reduce pregnancy reaction

How to reduce pregnancy reaction, nausea and vomiting

1. Eat a small amount of food, but avoid fasting.

2. Light food, try not to eat too salty, greasy or special smell of food; biscuits, bread and soda cake and other food can reduce the discomfort of pregnancy and vomiting. After a dry snack, you should drink water an hour later.

3. Supplement water, avoid dehydration, bananas, sports drinks can help supplement the body electrolyte.

4. Keep the indoor air fresh, open the windows frequently for ventilation, and avoid the places with peculiar smell.

2、 Weakness of limbs makes fatigue easy

1. Eat less or no cold, indigestible food.

2. Reduce the amount of exercise and workload appropriately, and take a full rest in the early stage of pregnancy.

3. More electrolytes can relieve the symptoms of dizziness and limb weakness.

How to reduce pregnancy reaction

3、 Insomnia

1. Sleep regularly and quantitatively.

2. It is better to sleep in the left position to prevent venous reflux obstruction.

3. Can soak warm water bath and drink hot milk way hypnosis. When bathing, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. Putting a little lavender bath salt in the bath water will be more helpful to sleep.

4. Relax, close your eyes when you can't sleep, and talk to your baby in your heart.