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Why do women pretend to have an orgasm

Perfect sex life is everyone's expectation, but it can be met but not sought. In the process of sexual life, men often want to make their female partners comfortable and climax, but sometimes they may not be able to achieve it. This is because some women will pretend to be 'climax'.

The reasons why women pretend to have an orgasm are different, but to sum up, there are no more than the following:

I don't want to destroy the atmosphere.

2. Be afraid to attack the man's fragile self-esteem.

3. I don't want it any more. Only by pretending to have an orgasm can I finish it quickly.

I can't really climax, and I don't know how to really climax.

5. I can stimulate him to climax by pretending the expression of climax.

I don't want him to be satisfied.

7. I want to make his sexual experience better.

8. Pretending to have an orgasm can avoid conflict.

I want to keep a long-term and stable relationship with him.

10. I want to please him to get material rewards.

But can pretending to have an orgasm really whitewash peace? In fact, pretending to have an orgasm not only deceives men, but also deceives themselves. When couples have sexual problems, they should communicate in time and never cheat, because the beauty of sexual life is not only related to the harmony of the family, but also affects their own health. In order to improve the quality of life, both sides should work together. Sex is a process of communication, so don't pretend to have an orgasm.