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Why is Zhang Guorong so popular? What is his real character

Zhang Guorong has been dead for many years, but he still seems to live in people's hearts. Why is Zhang Guorong so popular? Netizens gave the answer. Please refer to the reason why Zhang Guorong made up the following paragraph.

That's because Zhang Guorong was already a superstar in Hong Kong in the 1980s. At that time, the Hong Kong music world was dominated by Tan and Zhang. Now, the Hong Kong music world will never appear again. Later, when he was the most popular, Zhang Guorong chose to quit the singing world in 1989. You know, if it wasn't for him to quit, the following four heavenly kings would never have appeared. You know, the 1990s was the time when Hong Kong and Taiwan Music entered the mainland. It was impossible for Zhang Guorong to come out to publicize at that time!

After Zhang Guorong quit the singing world, he also made a lot of classic films in the film world. I won't talk about it here. Farewell my concubine alone can prove his excellence. And the age group that likes Zhang Guorong is basically not the same as the owner.

60-70 is the main force. They have experienced the age of Zhang Guorong. But now most people of this age will not chat about stars on the Internet. Moreover, Zhang Guorong is a low-key person, so we can't feel it in the hinterland. If you are in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, you will know how popular he is. What you see in Zhang Guorong's post bar are mostly post-80s and post-90s fans. We all learned about Zhang Guorong after his death. He was so low-key. I think Zhang Guorong is like a treasure. When you get to know him, you have to fall in love with him!

Born in Hong Kong on September 12, 1956, Zhang Guorong is a singer, actor and musician. He is one of the representatives of the development of film and television songs. He made his debut in 1977. In 1983, he became famous for "the wind continues to blow". "Monica", which was performed in 1984, is the first dance music in Hong Kong to win the top ten Chinese Golden Songs and the top ten golden songs. In 1986 and 1987, he won the Golden Award of Jingge. In 1987, with the album "love", he became the first Cantonese singer to enter the Korean music market, and the record holder of Chinese music sales in South Korea. In 1988 and 1989, he won the most popular male singer award of top ten golden songs. In 1995, the album "beloved" set a sales record in South Korea. In 1999, he won the golden needle award, the highest honor award in Hong Kong music circle.