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Why does bellybutton have stink to return a responsibility

Is your navel sunken? Generally, this kind of navel stinks easily. It's mainly inflammation or unclean cleaning. Wash it when you shower, but don't wash it hard (it's easy to have a stomachache). Remember to dry it with a cotton swab after washing. Or put on some talcum powder.

Many of people's diseases are reflected in the navel, it can be said that the navel is the second mouth of the human body. So, its language, you must listen carefully.

The navel will also light up the traffic lights, and its changes indicate the changes of visceral cold and heat

Odor is due to infection, to clean the navel, disinfect with disinfectant, keep dry, no accident, should scab in a few days. If you can't control the inflammation all the time, you have to go to the hospital for antibiotic treatment, but remember not to pour antibiotic powder on the wound. Many people think it's so good and fast. In fact, it will make the wound never heal because of foreign body stimulation.

1. Navel color white, no luster, the reason is the deficiency of both qi and blood, need to add warm tonic.

2. The color of navel is red, which means that the heart fire is heavy, and there is heat poison in the body, which needs to be reconciled with the food of detoxification and cold.

3. Navel color yellow, there will be oily secretions exudation, itching, is a sign of stomach or liver accumulation of damp heat.

4. The color of the navel turns blue or blue because there is accumulated cold in the body.

5. Navel color purple, dark color, because there is deposition in the body.

The shape and position of the navel should naturally remain unchanged. A small change can be easily detected. Its change is also a barometer of the body.

1. A prominent navel is a sign of edema or ovarian cysts, as well as a sign of asthma.

2. Invagination of the navel is a sign of weakness of the spleen and kidneys.

3. When the navel moves down, there is blood stasis in the body.

4. Navel to the left: there may be lesions in the large intestine mucosa.

5. Right side of navel: hepatitis. The manifestation of duodenal ulcer. The temperature change of navel is the best thermometer to predict visceral cold temperature

1. Heat in the navel or in the small intestine. 2. If the navel temperature is too low, it is kidney deficiency.

May be umbilical infection, mild performance for local purulent secretions, odor, umbilical and surrounding skin red or swelling; severe infection spread to form abdominal wall infection, forming abscess, or spread to peritoneum cause peritonitis, spread to the whole body cause sepsis. After the occurrence of omphalitis, the light part can be cleaned with 3% hydrogen peroxide, disinfected with 75% alcohol and coated with 2% purple liquid. The purulent part can be externally applied with furacilin or rivanol gauze, and can also be externally applied with traditional Chinese medicine Jinhuang powder and Longgu powder. Sometimes, due to the lack of tightness of the umbilical cord, there is often exudate at the root of the umbilical cord. Sometimes, it is inflammation at the root of the umbilical cord. Pay attention to wipe the root of the umbilical cord with alcohol to keep it clean.