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Why does the man have spermatorrhea? When the man sleeps, how should spermatorrhea do?

When boys enter adolescence, most of them will be shy, nervous and uneasy for spermatorrhea. After their spermatorrhea, they dare not let others know, as if they have done something shameful. If you feel some discomfort after spermatorrhea, you will suspect that it is caused by spermatorrhea and worry that it will make you sick. But these are normal phenomena. The following is why men's spermatorrhea is arranged by Xiaobian for you to read.

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Why men have spermatorrhea: psychological factors

Often lead to prostatitis, urethritis and other physiological problems. Psychological factors are often due to sexual problems. For example, the long-term excessive sexual fantasy will make the sexual center in the brain center gradually tired and the control power decreased due to the long-term excessive tension. As a result, when the teenagers have sexual desire and impulse, they will be left out. If it is forced to suppress the words, during the day is not slippery, at night is likely to be left in sleep.

In order to overcome and eliminate frequent dream heritages, we should consider whether it is caused by psychological factors in addition to traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. At this time, we should also actively carry out psychological adjustment and treatment.

First of all, young people should develop correct sexual psychology.

1. Divert attention

The frequent occurrence of dream heritages is the result of young people's yearning for the opposite sex and should not be discriminated against. However, teenagers should learn to actively shift their attention from sex to other aspects. Therefore, young people should first set up a positive and lofty ideal and put their main energy on their studies and career. When you are sexually stimulated and have strong sexual desire, you should avoid sexual fantasy. At this time, you can go outdoors, cultivate your sentiment, or talk about health with your friends. Actively participate in healthy sports and literary activities to enrich spare time life.

2. Build a regular life

It is very important for teenagers to set up regular life habits in order to reduce frequent dream heritages. Such as the development of a scientific schedule, according to the table on time to study and work. With regular activities, enrich life, reduce idle, eliminate or dilute sexual desire. Before going to bed at night, use hot water to soak your feet instead of cold water. Underwear should be loose when sleeping. Don't look at yellow things when you go to bed, avoid sexual stimulation, overcome sexual fantasies, and don't touch your lower body. Get up on time in the morning, don't stay in bed and so on.

3. Overcoming fear and guilt

It is also an effective way for teenagers to overcome the fear, anxiety and guilt caused by the dream heritages. After the memento, most teenagers will try their best to suppress their desire because of self blame, thinking that it will reduce or eliminate the memento. In fact, this approach is often counterproductive. Because you try hard to suppress your sexual desire during the day and suppress your desire in the heart, but according to Freud's theory, dreams are the manifestation of subconsciousness and the true revelation of our inner world. In the night sleep, the repressed sexual desire will naturally reveal, leading to dreaminess. Therefore, sometimes the occurrence of dream heritages or frequent dream heritages, teenagers must not have too much psychological pressure, should actively understand sexual health knowledge, master dream heritages is a normal physiological phenomenon. Reduce psychological pressure, balance mentality, self relaxation. Overcome or eliminate the fear and guilt, and deal with the legacy with a relaxed mind.

4. Learn to guide yourself

When communicating with the opposite sex, we should be natural, cheerful and frank. We should restrain our fantasies and sexual impulses, avoid excessive emotional fluctuations, and treat the opposite sex rationally. We should not regard the opposite sex as "tiger" because we have sexual impulse when we see the opposite sex. We should not dare to communicate with the opposite sex alone or be nervous when we see the opposite sex. Develop a correct concept of love, and his girlfriend, self-restraint, academic and career oriented.

Teenagers should also learn how to guide themselves. If they want to be alone, they can communicate with their friends. If they are hard to speak, they can talk to themselves in a diary. Should also learn to actively release their strong sexual desire, strong psychological reaction for sex, sexual desire is really difficult to control, in order to avoid excessive dream legacy, appropriate regular masturbation, such as once a week, can also be regarded as an effective way to solve excessive dream legacy.

Why men have spermatorrhea: physiological phenomenon

Because about 90% of normal adult men have spermatorrhea. Spermatorrhea can be divided into dreamy and slippery. It may occur in 1-2 years after puberty to old age. The nocturnal spermatorrhea, also known as the dream or dream lost sperm, some people call it 'horse racing'. Spontaneous ejaculation in the awake state without masturbation or sexual stimulation is called "synovium". Basically, there is not much difference between the two.

Women in the process of sleep or sexual stimulation, vaginal secretions increase a lot, there will be mucus exclusion, generally will not be noticed, and men are different, many men will see spermatorrhea as a physiological phenomenon and worry. So, how to treat spermatorrhea? Only by making clear the cause and mechanism of spermatorrhea can we treat it correctly.

Spermatorrhea rarely occurs in boys under 12 years old, and the incidence of spermatorrhea in boys up to 14 years old is about 25%. About 55% of the men aged 16, 70% of the men aged 18 and 75% - 80% of the men aged 20 had spermatorrhea at least 90% of the men aged 45. The frequency of spermatorrhea is usually once a week or several weeks. Some people have done a survey, the occurrence of spermatorrhea is directly proportional to the level of education. According to a survey, 18% of the single men with junior high school education level and 30% - 46% of the single men with university education level have spermatorrhea once a month on average.

Dream legacy can be the result of sexual dreams, or it can be the result of too warm bedding, too tight underwear, and the stimulation of clothing on the penis.

The classification of "having a dream but leaving it as a memento" and "not having a dream but leaving it as a spermatorrhea" in traditional Chinese medicine literature is the earliest way to distinguish between memento and spermatorrhea. The sex dream before the dream may be very vague, and some can't recall the main plot after the dream. It may also be very clear that some people wake up in the morning and recall clearly what happened in their dreams. In fact, sexual dreams are subconscious reactions, often associated with fantasy and experience.

Nowadays, for people with preliminary sexual knowledge, spermatorrhea is regarded as a physiological phenomenon, which is a part of human sexual behavior. In the past, both Chinese traditional feudal cultural consciousness and foreign feudal ethics described spermatorrhea as a 'strange phenomenon'. In Babylonian times, it was thought to be the result of the visit of the night girl or the night angel, who would visit the man when he was asleep. In the middle ages, people thought that the genitals were the devil. In China, the value of semen is overemphasized and spermatorrhea is always regarded as a kind of morbid condition. The loss of semen will lead to deficiency of kidney qi. Regarding Kidney Qi as the basis of healthy qi of human body, overemphasizing the adverse effect of spermatorrhea on human body makes people misunderstand the treatment of spermatorrhea.

For teenagers, parents or school teachers have the responsibility to tell them that accidental spermatorrhea is a physiological normal phenomenon, not to panic too much, not to mention immoral bad things. Rude words or avoidance will hurt their psychology and cause unnecessary psychological burden.