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Why does Zhang Guorong suffer from depression? What's the matter with his brother Zhang Guorong's su

On April Fool's day in 2003, Hong Kong artist Zhang Guorong committed suicide by jumping off a building from the fitness center on the 24th floor of Oriental Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong. This is a big April Fool's Day joke for fans all over the world. What caused Zhang Guorong to commit suicide? Why did Zhang Guorong commit suicide? Here's why did Zhang Guorong commit suicide carefully arranged for you. I hope you like it.

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Causes of Zhang Guorong's suicide

1. Trapped in love

In addition to the remarkable achievements of the film, Zhang Guorong's feelings and temperament are also concerned by fans who love him. Therefore, after his suicide, many people speculated that he decided to end his life because of his bad feelings. Zhang Guorong, who has been on the road for nearly 20 years, was almost tied to Mr. Tang's name in the last few years. It is said that in his suicide note, Zhang Guorong said that he was not in a good mood and could not choose between his good friend Mr. Tang and a young man in his twenties. He was very troubled and committed suicide. Tang Hede was a good friend Zhang Guorong knew when he was a child. After the scandal between Zhang and Tang came out, Zhang Guorong always denied it. In 1995, the two were followed by the media, and Zhang Guorong ran into an interview car angrily. But after 10 years together, Zhang Guorong finally couldn't help it. At the end of his comeback concert in January 1997, Zhang Guorong publicly dedicated a song "the moon represents my heart" to Mr. Tang, revealing their relationship. After the 2002 Golden Horse Award, Zhang Guorong, who has not appeared in public for a long time, is said to have changed his relationship with his close friend Mr. Tang. Assistant Zhang Guorong intervenes in their relationship, and Mr. Tang also gets married. As a result, the two quarreled fiercely, and Zhang Guorong withdrew from the joint venture. However, on March 2, 2003, Mr. Zhang Guorong and Mr. Tang went to Repulse Bay for tea and were caught by the media. It seems that there is no sign of discord between them. Just did not expect that only a month time, Zhang Guorong jumped to commit suicide, it is very sad.

2. Mental depression

It is widely claimed that Zhang Guorong is suffering from depression due to his ghost film "strange space", so that he has to push off the new film "beautiful Shanghai" of Tomson company. It is said that in May 2002, when Zhang Guorong was shooting the film "space of different degrees", he was so involved that he was still unable to leave the role after the film was finished, resulting in mental stress and mental depression. Until a few months after shooting, his voice was as angry as a gossamer, and he continued to see a doctor and take medicine. After he was reported to be suffering from depression, Zhang Guorong was forced to cancel his original work plans, including participating in the production of beautiful Shanghai supervised by Xu Feng, stealing heart invested by blue sky investor Shi Xue, and recording plans. But Zhang Guorong once denied this kind of view, only admitted that he was affected by the pressure.

3. "Stealing heart" not finished

Zhang Guorong's sudden death is a pity. Before his death, there was one thing that made him sad, that is, he didn't finish the movie "heart stealing". This film condenses the painstaking efforts of Zhang Guorong, and is also his first work to transform from an actor to a director. After the script, actors and other factors were well prepared, the film failed to start because of the lack of funds, which made him depressed all the time.

Zhang Guorong's personal life

When Zhang Guorong was in Lidi, he was dating with Mao Shunyun. Soon, Zhang Guorong proposed to her. He didn't want to scare Mao Shunyun away, who was less than 20 years old. We haven't seen each other for a long time after the break-up. When we met again, someone asked them to shoot "happy events at home".

Ni Shun openly admitted that she was not the first girlfriend of Mao Shirong. She is the only real girlfriend of her brother who has been recognized by the media. They are regarded as golden girls and take intimate photos in front of the news media. However, the relationship was later put to an end.

Zhang Guorong's character evaluation

In Hong Kong's performing arts circle, there are not many people who value friendship as much as Zhang Guorong. (Lin Qingxia comments)

After the concert, nearly 100 staff members each received a famous brand gift selected by Zhang Guorong himself. The gift had the upper and lower money written by Zhang Guorong himself. When he gave the gift, he could call out the name of each staff member, no matter whether his position was big or small. There were two people with the same name, and he was very clear about them. There was no mistake at all. A friend who received the gift told me with tears in his eyes. He said the gift was beautiful, but he remembered it not because of the gift, but because of Zhang Guorong's heart. (Huang Zhanping)

He is a very kind person. When I was down in Hong Kong before, he always helped me. I not only admire his talent, but also his personality. (John Woo)

Zhang Guorong is a very loving person. He visited me in Beijing seven times before he died. In 1998, my husband Shi Yansheng got cancer. After hearing the news, Zhang Guorong came to Beijing to see him. As soon as Zhang Guorong entered the door, he hugged Shi Yansheng and called him teacher Shi. Shi Yansheng knew that he was seriously ill and didn't shed tears, but at that moment his tears came out. Zhang Guorong and I have been working together for more than a month. As a Peking Opera performer, what can he do for me? However, our friendship has always been maintained, and I will never forget him. (Zhang manling)

。 He will help actors who are unfamiliar with acting skills to play, tell jokes to make colleagues in a bad mood happy, arrange doctors for staff who are sick, and find jobs for Xiao Long Tao (Huang Baiming comments). In terms of personality, he is a great actor (Mei Ting comments).

He is a real person. When you see him, you will see the word "true" and the word "love". In terms of friendship and love, the word "true" and the word "love" are clearly displayed. At that time, a drummer sprained his hand. In addition to expressing concern, he took the initiative to ask a doctor to treat him (Tang Yichong evaluation) [84]. The human relationship in the performing arts circle is very weak, but as a valuable superstar, Zhang Guorong doesn't mention money to me at all. He only talks about friendship. It's hard to get to know this kind of friend again. (Liu Peiji)

Zhang Guorong was keen on charity and actively participated in various charity activities. He was especially enthusiastic about helping children. In the 1980s, he donated part of the remuneration from Hong Kong and overseas concerts to local children's associations. From the end of 1996 to the beginning of 1997, Zhang Guorong donated $1 million in his private name to the children's cancer fund before holding his own concerts. Zhang Guorong is a low-key man. He is not willing to make public when he does charity. Many of his good deeds are carried out quietly, and he does not want to change his taste because of the media's big coverage.