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Why is coffee sour? Is it good or bad

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world. We need to drink coffee in many occasions in our life. How much do you know about common coffee knowledge? Do you know why coffee tastes sour? What are the disadvantages of women drinking coffee? Let's take a look with these questions.

Coffee knowledge

The reason why coffee tastes more acidic is that the sour ingredients in raw coffee beans include citric acid, malic acid and quinic acid. Phosphoric acid, etc., but this is not the sour taste we feel when we drink coffee. The sour taste we taste comes mainly from the acid produced in the baking process.

Usually, when we bake raw coffee beans, some components in raw coffee beans will react to form new acids. A typical example is the decomposition of chlorogenic acid into quinic acid, and the decomposition of sugars into volatile formic acid and acetic acid.

Some of the ingredients in raw coffee beans react chemically

In the roasting process of coffee beans, we will find that many chemical changes will take place in the raw coffee beans, especially when the roasted beans are half baked (lower than the mild roasted ones on the market), the sour taste will become stronger and stronger with the deepening of the roasting degree. But after that, after high temperature treatment, the formed acid began to decompose again. After this stage, with the deepening of baking degree, the sour taste became lighter and lighter.

The most acid in baked beans is quinic acid, which increases with the deepening of baking. It is not only high in content, but also strong in acidity, which is the main source of coffee acidity. Others such as citric acid, malic acid and acetic acid are also high in coffee. The strength and properties of various acids are different. Although they are all sour, the ingredients are very complex.

The weight and ratio of sour ingredients in baked beans have a great relationship with the composition of coffee beans. The choice of raw materials and the way of acid release will also be different. For example, the sugar content in canefra seed which is easy to form acetic acid is low, so it will not form a volatile and irritating sour taste.

In addition, according to the different state, the way of acid release is also different. There is a substance in quinic acid, which can not only radiate the sour taste, but also hide it. The reason why the brewed coffee becomes more and more sour is that the sour taste that was originally hidden gradually spreads out with time.