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Why didn't Li Zekai marry Liang Luoshi? Photos of Li Zekai and Guo Jiawen

original title: Li Zekai buys a house for his new love, why does Li Zekai not marry Liang Luoshi? An inventory of Li Zekai's love history Li Zekai, a 50 year old Hong Kong tycoon with a fortune of 35 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 31 billion yuan), is known as a diamond and gold bachelor. Since he broke up with Liang Luoshi, who gave birth to him three sons, in 2011, he has been photographed visiting Japan closely with Guo Jiawen, a 26-year-old Hong Kong Miss, in February last year. Xinhuan has been sold for more than 100 million Hong Kong dollars (about 90 million yuan) to buy the 61 Ping luxury house.

Guo Jiawen was selected as the second runner up of Miss Hong Kong in 2015. Last year, her workload was suddenly reduced after her secret tour with Li Zekai in Japan. According to Hong Kong media reports, she bought the roof of Yilong Tianchi in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong in her own name, with a usable area of 61 square meters and a roof terrace of 52 square meters. The roof has a swimming pool, and the transaction price is about 100 million Hong Kong dollars (about 90 million yuan).

Hong Kong media called Guo Jiawen for confirmation, but Guo did not reply. Asked if Li Zekai was in contact with Guo Jiawen and presented a $90 million mansion, Li replied in a short message: "have a good evening! Richard!" he did not deny that he only returned the emoticons with his hands folded.

Guo Jiawen, 24, comes from a well-off family and lives with her parents in Ma'anshan, Hong Kong. It is known that Hong Kong elder sister has a monthly fare of HK $1600 (about RMB 1417). Her main income depends on advertisements and commercial performances. According to the land registry of Hong Kong, the buyer of the building is Guo Jiawen, and the person signing the contract on behalf of the buyer is Li Zhikang, vice chairman and chief executive of Yingda real estate. Li Zhikang has always been Li Zekai's favorite general.


The first reason is that Liang Luoshi's identity is so different that she is hopeless to marry into a rich family

Liang Luoshi gave birth to three children for the Li family, but she still did not get the fame. Li Jiacheng thought that the main reason that hindered her from entering the powerful family was that they were not in charge of the family. Li Ka Shing was escorted by a bodyguard car to leave his residence at 6:45 yesterday morning. Facing a large number of reporters, he stopped and pressed the window to greet the reporters. He was asked if his son and Liang Luoshi had broken up, whether he was worried about his three grandchildren, and whether he had given her 3 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 2.5 billion yuan)? He still said with a smile: 'I can't say it. I'm sorry, bye bye! "After arriving at the golf course, he generously let the media know Take a picture of your body, but you still don't talk about it. It seems that the Li family is not so easy to enter. Although Liang Luoshi has given birth to three sons for Li Zekai, it does not mean that he can marry into the Li family smoothly. Rich marriage, pay attention to in the end is the right family, at least have to be no two. However, Liang Luoshi and Li Zekai are far from each other. To put it mildly, Liang Luoshi's chips to marry into a rich family are not qualified for anything except his three sons. Some time ago, he was photographed chatting with the mysterious man's nightclub, which was a disgrace to the Li family.

In just four months, Li Zekai was photographed traveling with long hair women to Japan and Thailand, and dating in Wanchai. Each time they say goodbye, they are reluctant to give up, kiss or hug, very sweet.

Reason 2: Liang Luoshi forced marriage by breaking up

Liang Luoshi started his career at the age of 16, fell in love with Li Zekai at the age of 20, and then she went to Canada to cultivate herself and cultivate her character. Then she had to hold three for two years, and her style of conduct has become quite noble. Recently, she had to speak to her father-in-law, Li Jiacheng, and she was soon to enter a powerful family. At this juncture, Liang Luoshi has unilaterally issued a statement of breaking up, which is not a way to break up a powerful family. In the future, even if her old friendship with little Superman is revived, her image will be greatly reduced from the requirements of the powerful families. I'm afraid that she will get a different treatment than before. However, Liang Luoshi's breakup statement is also quite imaginative. The children will be raised together to ensure their healthy and happy growth. The biggest hardware requirement for a child to grow up healthily and happily is parents' love and family harmony. The child will be raised together, and the current state is to raise them together. Isn't it OK if they don't break up? I think Liang Luoshi's statement is more about putting pressure on little Superman. The subtext is' marry me now, marry me now, I can't wait for a minute '.