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Why does Lijiang frequently break out beating incidents?

Why the incidents of hitting people in Lijiang happen frequently

In the morning of a dozen men's barbecue in fanlijiang on November 11, 2016. After the provocation failed, several strange men, holding beer bottles and other lethal weapons, broke into the private room and beat people while recording videos.

A female tourist claimed that she was dragged out of the shop and disfigured by gangsters with broken glass violence. She hit her and said, "aren't you from Northeast China? Aren't you very tough?" she laughed obscenely and rampant.

After the end of the inhuman violence, several strange men threatened the party: "we are local people, not afraid of the police, casually sue, see you again in Lijiang, let you never return..."

As a result, as the gangster said, the local police not only repeatedly hindered the female victim from doing injury identification, avoided her questions, but also suspected to ask her to delete her microblog. The hospital is even more vague and complicit in the records of patients.

In the end, the victim had no choice but to write down such words on the Internet: "if I disappear after February 11, then I must have been killed by others in Lijiang..."

After seeing this incident, countless netizens, including gunjun, expressed great indignation over the incident. No matter what kind of hatred the female tourists of the gangster have, it is not right to beat people seriously. Why disfigure a young girl with a sharp edge? I would like to ask you how much you can bear it!

What's more, the collusion among barbecue shop owners, police, hospitals and gangsters has become rampant. They are not afraid of police and revenge, so tourists have become the fish on the prey. It's really chilling to think about it.

Is this Lijiang still a literary paradise handed down by literary and artistic youth?

Gunjun remembers that when he was still in school, he also had feelings about the Ancient Lijiang road and the journey of poetry and wine described in various folk songs. Although I went there with a lot of regrets, I couldn't leave a lot of disappointment.

It's hard to deny that there's a lot of noise and noise in Lijiang, but you don't want to see the beauty of the music.

On the first night of arriving there, gunjun clearly remembered that one of his friends in Yunnan called me and told me, "don't act alone!"

Later, when talking about this matter, my friend laughed: "of course, you can't go out. The evil forces in Lijiang are too frightening. '

She said that Lijiang was a backward place many years ago, with simple folk customs. However, she did not know when it was deified into a holy land of literature and art, where literary and artistic youth flocked to it. Gradually, it becomes more and more prosperous, more and more commercial, and less and less like its original appearance.