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Why do children always like to hear the same story over and over again?

Many parents have said this problem. Children like to listen to stories. Of course, it's good to hear them. But if parents are always telling a story, we can't understand why they take the trouble to listen to the same story. Don't they want to hear more new and interesting stories?

Today, Xiaobian starts from the law of children's own development, and explains in detail that children always like to listen to the same story repeatedly. Is it boring or meaningful!

First of all, we need to find out what is the difference between children's reading habits and our adults' reading habits. It is true that, as we all feel, we adults have to read or listen to all the stories, no matter how wonderful, because our minds are mature enough that we can clearly remember all the wonderful plots after they are over, and maximize the pleasure or other emotional resonance from these stories.

But children are not the same. Their experience of the world is very limited, and their ability to receive information is not as fast and effective as we adults. Therefore, although they have heard the same story many times, in fact, they will have new and different harvest every time - the first time, they may just have a good feeling for the story, the second time, They began to listen carefully to the plot of the story, the third time, they began to pay attention to some details of the story, the fourth time, the fifth time, the sixth time...... It is in this continuous process of repetition that they will gradually acquire the whole spiritual experience that we can get by listening to it once. It is a bit similar to the meaning of "reading a book a hundred times, its meaning will come out of its own".

Secondly, after understanding the differences between children and adults in reading habits, we must be able to gradually accept this unique 'hobby' of children. However, this is not enough, because we should not only recognize children in attitude, but also support children in behavior. It's about the need to repeat the same story to children!

In fact, telling children the same story repeatedly is not only to make them better absorb the content of the story, but more importantly, we need to make them feel a sense of security and achievement in the process of supporting children's repeated behavior.

Maybe it's hard for you to understand, can a story also bring a sense of security to children? Yes, when children listen to the same story repeatedly, because they have already understood the role of the story, the picture of the story, and even the ending of the story, they will not be in a state of tension all the time like when they first listen to a story. It is this' known 'feeling that will protect the child's sense of security, so that children will not have so much mental pressure when hearing some tense plots.

In the "known" down-to-earth sense, children's mental activities will become more fluent, and they will secretly recall and think about the progress of the next story. It is conceivable that this sense of accomplishment will bring spiritual pleasure to children in the process of story repetition, so that children's self-confidence will continue to be improved.

Finally, Xiaobian should emphasize the rationality and importance of repetition for children from the perspective of psychology. I don't know if you've heard of it. In psychology, people call the behavior rule of children like to do the same action, listen to the same story, and play the same game as' common behavior '. That is to say, repetition is actually an essential part of a child's growth, and every child will go through this process. Therefore, as parents, they should support their children's behavior unconditionally.

So, how to support a child is to retell the story once again every time the child asks to tell it? Of course not. Storytelling is also a matter of skill. Parents should be full of emotion and voice in the process of telling, and guide their children to discuss what will happen next and what the protagonist will do and why To do so and so on, in order to really mobilize the enthusiasm of children, so that children listen to each time have a different harvest.

In a word, parents should not be tired of telling stories for their children, nor worry that children will delay learning new things if they listen to the same story. They should always remember that repetition has an immeasurable effect on children's learning and growth.