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Why did he Jie and he Ziming get divorced? Awakening reveals the real reason why he Jie has divorced

He Jie is divorced! Seeing this news, the reaction at that time was "a mouthful of old blood, because the husband and wife were still showing love some time ago. Married for three years, two children, is the eyes of others' happy family. He Jie, who lost weight and held concerts, is also known as the winner of life. He Ziming has three words on the reality show: "my daughter-in-law, the most concerned is whether he Jie has eaten or not - these were once the expression bags of good men.

Originally thought it was "derailment" and "slag man bridge", but later it was not.

This is not the story of a Aries woman and a lion man. It's a contradiction between a fast-growing, hot-blooded new mother and a giant baby father who turns around in the same place.


A kind of

He Jie is silent in the face of divorce rumors, because he doesn't want to be the accomplice of the clown; forbearance is the greatest respect for life; running, because my mother's love endows me with energy; I'm stronger than I thought I was.

He Ziming, on the other hand, is said to have called "Ye Wen has something to say" on the emotional counseling radio station, accusing his wife of divorce and going out of the house. He accused his wife of being strong and suspicious of her infidelity, even saying that her sexual life was not harmonious. His wife was successful but dictatorial; she made more money but was extravagant; she had a bad temper (he could bear it before but can't bear it now). After three years, the two children were less and less like her before & hellip; & hellip;

Stars are also ordinary people, will have baby fat, postpartum depression, and even through the radio to talk. No intention to gossip also do not want to dig into the black history, just sigh: how many feelings destroyed in the years before marriage and birth.

He Jie's marriage has gone very fast in the entertainment industry. He Jie married in 2013, and he Jie was 27 years old, which is the marriageable age of an ordinary girl; He Jie had a child in 2014, which was the first year after marriage; in 2015, she gave birth to a daughter, closely following the era of second child.

He Jie's experience is the same as that of most ordinary girls. She experienced postpartum obesity, career stagnation, postpartum depression, and the rapid growth from a girl to her mother. She quickly switched from romantic love and relaxed world of two to a family of three or four, which is similar to most girls.

He Ziming is also similar to most men. He is romantic when he is in love, but not steady after marriage. At the age of four, with two children, her career has not improved greatly. She is a bit lazy, and some women can't accept the habit of playing games. She can't quickly enter the role in the face of family affairs and noisy children. She is at a loss when she wants to do something.

She is out of shape, her career is suspended and anxious. He thinks that she is in a bad mood and doesn't know where she is really angry;

Faced with two children in a hurry, she refused to ask for help from her parents and family members. She took her son to play games and did not understand how to be a father effectively;

She is aggressive and wants to buy a big house, decorate well and improve the quality of life. He thinks that she is too big to get her mind.

She was as anxious as a lioness, and he was as dull as ever to sleep.

Therefore, it seems that he Ziming is always worried about whether he Jie has food or not, which is the palest concern, just like men's omnipotent 'drink more water'.

He couldn't scratch her pain.

Married women, such scenes and feelings are not very familiar?

Some of them are not only disgusted with cheating, but also the most terrible.


At the end of a relationship, as an onlooker, thinking is more appropriate than starting, guessing and crusading.

I don't want to say something 'flattering to women, such as' you are already so strong, since this man is useless, you can live better without him'. Most of the people who say these words are not in the difficult choice.

The relationship between lovers, husband and wife, and family relationship is not only a simple criterion. You and he happy love, make a lifetime commitment, is bound to run for a lifetime. Although 'forever' is empty, we all hope 'forever' to get together, not to prove 'leaving me can be very good.

A woman who is happy in her family and career is not good enough. Maybe it is better than the inspirational story of Nirvana after marriage setback.

In those years of marriage and childbirth, how can a rapidly growing woman and a man in a circle in the same place run in smoothly?

A doctor's sister once told me that men and women are different species, and even their physiological and physical structures are different. How can we fully understand them?

For women, if they can fully realize this, their psychological expectation will be much smaller.

Secondly, husband and wife are partners. Only when they perform their duties can they have a balanced family and work. When I was just pregnant, I was in a hurry and irritability. An elder said to me, "don't worry. You just treat the whole family as a company. You are the CEO. What your husband wants to do and what your mother-in-law needs to do, make clear arrangements.

The mother to be and the new mother are actually the leading role of the family. If she is not well arranged, her parents in law and her husband will be at a loss, and they will be very tired.

He Jie, the CEO, has not done very well. For her two children, she does everything by herself. She is worried about the baby sitter and is reluctant to give it to her parents and parents in law. Even when she finishes work in the middle of the night, she has to hold her hand in hand. People encourage her to be a mother, but this is not a proper way for her, her family and her children.

Many women are so clean and powerful that they live a heavy life.

When a woman becomes a mother, it is more difficult to let go. A child is the flesh that falls from his body. He is worried about his body and mind, and always wants to give him the best.

When a woman becomes a mother, she should learn to let go of her romantic and unrealistic fantasies, and never do anything that she can't do with her own strength. It's the soft power of women.


Ask your male friends about this.

It is said that men are psychologically good at two things: self paralysis and escape.

Once upon a time, an uncle and his wife divorced for two years, and finally went to court. He also thought that 'she was just making trouble, and she didn't really want to leave. It was not until the court had ruled that his wife left home with the box in her hand that he realized that it was true.

Too many men who turn around in the same place have a certain inertia both mentally and physically. They always feel that the days are just like this. Small problems continue to occur and big problems will not come.

They are self paralyzed and believe in this, so they are too lazy to think about the real cause of the problem, or to find a way to hide and escape.

Men have always been more likely to gain recognition and a sense of accomplishment in their work and career. They rush to work and find ways to deal with it. When they return to family problems, they all turn on the "lazy people" mode.

Men are more rational animals than women. If they can take the initiative to solve problems in family relations, the effect will be better.

Some giant babies are always aggrieved and say, 'I'll grow up, but I'm sorry, you haven't grown up yet.


It is said that he Jie once said to he Ziming, 'go away. After he Ziming left, she fell asleep. He Ziming stayed downstairs for a night.

Lin Dan, who had a hormonal explosion, made a micro blog without punctuation after his cheating, and was also said by Xie Xingfang that he was responsible.

Ma Yili is 8 years older than the article. In the face of injury, it's hard to get married and cherish it.

Each couple has its own mode of getting along with each other, but there are similar threads: love, promise, marriage and running in. However, some wear each other, some have ground into two matching gears, rolling forward together.

Even if you don't fully understand, try to empathize.

For a woman, before marriage, he is fresh and juicy; after marriage, I hope that he will be mature and steady, and become a full flavor of bacon -- please be prepared mentally and give him time to bask in the sun.

For a man, before marriage, she is a delicate but thorny bright rose; after marriage, I hope that her flowers will bloom unswervingly and forever beautiful and pleasant -- please take care of her, care about her appearance, care about her heart, cover the wind and rain for her, and share with her.