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Why do men like women with big breasts? Why women like to touch their breasts

Men are a very strange animal, they can't help but be attracted by the low chested girls in the street, big chest mm is most popular with them. When no one is around, they even like to peep at women's breasts. Women say that men are lustful, but they don't know this is their physiological needs.

Why do men like women with big breasts? The reason why men like to touch women's breasts

So, why do men like women with big breasts? Next, let's have a look with

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A man's psychological age is not long enough, still staying in the 'oral period'

Men's psychology is actually very small children, they have a strong Oedipus complex, are still in the 'oral period', so subconsciously nostalgic baby lactation. That's why men like to suck women's breasts when they have sex.

Second, it can't resist the impact of vision

Man is a sex eating animal, plump breasts are the second sexual characteristics of women, she shows the perfect curve of women. High breast gives people a strong visual impact and aesthetic feeling, giving a strong sexual desire. And no man can resist it.

It feels comfortable to touch

From the tactile point of view, plump breasts feel very moist. It is said that the place with the least moisture on men is hands, while the place with the most moisture on women is the chest. The elasticity and smoothness of the big chest make men want to be drunk.

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Four men like round things

It is said that men have a special hobby for round things, such as basketball, football, and women's breasts. Men love women most. The rough road brings them infinite reverie and dynamic beauty. So they couldn't help but reach out and touch.

5. The need for human body to cooperate with each other

According to biologists, the bodies of men and women are born to cooperate with each other, and the arc formed by the extension of men's hands coincides with the arc pole of the protruding breast of a woman. The most resilient part of a man's body is his hands, while the weakest part of a woman's body is her chest.

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