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Why did the riot incident stop broadcasting? Network update time of the fifth season

"Mob" is a very popular online variety show among young people. Since the first season was launched, it has been paid close attention to by everyone, and some characters in the program are also popular one by one!, "the fourth season of violent walk" is an all-round talk show hosted by Wang NIMA. The program is produced by runaway comics and Youku, which integrates news, variety show, literature, politics and biology. The host has a super big head, and uses some humorous language and exaggerated body movements to make complaints about the real life.

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A brief introduction to "the big event of violent walk"

The big run event is a network talk show that broadcasts make complaints about news hotspots by way of Tucao, funny or short play. Since 2013, it has been broadcast for four seasons, nearly 150 episodes. From the beginning of the program, the program often turns into a weekly shift, with an episode of more than ten minutes to an episode of half an hour now, and every season from more than ten episodes to 67 episodes in the fourth quarter. At the press conference, Wang NIMA also announced that the average number of broadcasts per episode in the fourth quarter now exceeds 35 million.

The reason for the blackout of the 2017 riots

Wang NIMA himself has also changed from an ordinary "big head dead pervert" to "Internet celebrity": he once had a live broadcast in BiliBili billi barrage network, that is, station B. the instant influx of more than 100000 viewers directly led to a large-scale jam in the server of station B at that time.

Next year, "the big bang" will go online for the fifth season. Wang NIMA has high expectations for this: "let's put it out here. Season 5 is going to the extreme. '

The so-called extreme means that more content forms will be added to the program. "In the second season, we found that it's not enough to rely on talk shows to interpret news hot spots. That's why we got online celebrities, some interesting stories and some special topics. "Said King Nimah. "But it's not enough. In the fifth season, I think there are still songs and dances, rap, pop music, sports, emotion, outdoor, indoor games, culture and art, all of which add up to make a relatively large and super official network. '

How long will the riot stop broadcasting

It has been four years since the riot incident. The fourth quarter, as the longest season event in history, has been constantly updated, which has made every staff member's eggs more wrinkled. However, Wang NIMA will never stop making happiness. We have more new programs to accompany you. Sorry, the mob family will give a new single to wish you a happy New Year!

The fourth quarter of the rioting will be over and there will be a two-week stop.

When will season 5 be updated?

Mass exodus season 5 updated: February 10, 2017

Because of the nature of its news commentary program, the whole operation cycle of "mob" is relatively short. "Many people don't know that the big event book is written on Monday, started shooting on Monday night, and released the first draft on Tuesday. After technical inspection and content review, the second draft will be released on Wednesday, and will be uploaded to 48 platforms on Thursday evening. "Ren Jian, CEO of runaway comics, said," that's how efficient our team is. We also asked our peers that no one can be so efficient. '

In addition to the "big event of the mob", they will launch more online variety shows next year. For example, the film review programs "what movies to watch" and "what games to play" will be expanded into a "mob what series", including all kinds of food, drink, housing and transportation; The second season of the reality TV show "brain disabled elder brother" will be launched, and the real-life version of the tycoon game "runaway millionaire" is expected to be launched every year next year. Make complaints about the weekly and weekly performances of these programs, and will take the style of the cartoon on sale.