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Why is the national football team so bad? Why are all patriotic football reasons moving!

On March 23, the 2018 Russia World Cup qualifier in Asia's top 12 games again ignited fire, in a focus of the war, China's team in Changsha Helong Stadium with Yu Dabao's goal in the first half, 1-0 victory over South Korea, won the first victory of the last 12 games. If we don't support the national football team, who can we support?

'you clap when you win and scold when you lose. This is the spectator. Applaud whether you win or lose. This is the Iron Army. You can be a spectator without any excuse, but don't say I love them. True love is unconditional. I don't mean to blame the spectators. I'm just looking for the Iron Army. I believe that there are such brave men in China who can care for life and death! -- famous commentator Zhang Lu

15 years Asian Cup, the national football team 2-1 Uzbekistan, Wu Xi level, sun kereversible, the end of the game, and the people around him cry together become a fool. Laugh and cry, I think that's the difference between other home teams and China. --Mooyou rice

Even the spittoon of Chinese football is my holy grail! -- He Wei

Because this is the only national team that can let me sing when I sing the national anthem before the match! -- mooyou Xiaolou listens to the rain at night

Just like falling in love, I'm afraid the life that I love you won't give you enough, and those who don't love you are afraid that you ask too much. Maybe it's because we love our country too much, so we're afraid we don't give him enough

If you support Germany and Germany wins the championship, you will say that Germany wins, France wins, France wins, you will say France wins, you like Argentina, Argentina wins, you will say I won Argentina, even you support Japan, Japan wins, you will say I won Japan, but China won, I will say, we won! -- Magic Friend vigorously

Because those are the blood that comes down with oneself is running in the struggle ~ -- demon friend Wei Hua

The girl you like, who she has sex with, you like her. When she cries, you comfort her and hug her. As soon as she closed her tears, she remained the same. Yes, there are so many stars and so many AV actresses in the world. Even if one day they walk in front of you, you can watch her go far away and ask her to sign her name and fantasize with them & hellip; & hellip; but they are dreams. The girl who at least listens to you is love

Of course, in the end, I hope the Korean will leave the stadium with such an expression.