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Why is it said that a woman is a big three holding gold bricks? The marriage between brothers and si

Marriage can be divided into four categories according to its formation and historical inheritance: monogamy; polygamy; polygamy; homosexuality. At present, although polygamy still exists in some countries, polygamy also exists in very few places, and homosexual system seems to be increasingly widespread, monogamy practiced in most countries, at least in almost all countries, is a legal form of marriage organization. Therefore, no matter how many people are against monogamy, no matter how many people are against monogamy, no matter what the so-called polygamy The marriage of monogamy, polygamy and homosexual marriage are all individual phenomena. At least at present, it is impossible to replace monogamy. Of course, it is impossible to deny the legitimacy of monogamy. After all, monogamy is considered to be the fairest and most reasonable form of marriage in the development of human civilization For a long time, it is irreplaceable, at least reserved as a major form of marriage, which is predictable.

According to the comparison of the ages of the two parties, the most common forms of monogamy at present are as follows: love of the same age, love between brother and sister, love between sister and brother, love between father and daughter, love between mother and son, love between father and son, love between father and son, love between father and son, love between father and son, love between father and son, and love between father and son. The most important forms of marriage are the same age love and brother sister love. Of course, the same age love refers to that the age difference between the two sides is less than 2 years old; the marriage of brother sister love and sister brother love refers to the age difference between the two sides within 15 years old; the father daughter love and mother child love should mean that the age difference between the two sides is between 15 and 35 years old; It is natural that the age difference between the two sides is over 35 years old. Of course, the division is not absolute, it is only a kind of approximation.

So, which of the seven marriage forms is the most stable? From the current point of view, various forms of marriage have both advantages and disadvantages, and there are many unstable factors. Although the marriage forms of love of the same age and brother and sister are the most common and the absolute number is the most stable, the divorce rate is higher year by year, which is a reality, of course, mainly occurs in Among the two forms of marriage, the same age love and brother sister love, this is also a continuation of male chauvinism. With the increasing equality of rights and interests between men and women, this form of marriage is facing more and more serious challenges. Of course, in any case, it will be one of the main forms of marriage in the future. After all, whether it is the dominance of male chauvinism or the dominance of sovereignty, this form of marriage is facing more and more serious challenges The two forms of marriage are not too much. They are always relatively equal and acceptable to men and women.

The marriage form of father daughter love and mother son love is the most fundamental symbol of male chauvinism or feminism, and it is also the most concerned form of successful men and women. The stability of these two kinds of marriage has not been optimistic. After all, the age gap is too big, and the purpose of marriage is relatively clear, that is, the older one is often the economic aspect According to the absolute advantage, marriage changes fate mainly in the two forms of marriage: father daughter love and mother son love. However, it is very difficult to achieve harmony between the two forms of marriage, and it seems that there is always a question mark as to how far a disharmonious marriage should go. Of course, there are also happy relationships between father and daughter and mother and son, but from the perspective of probability, happiness is definitely less than 50%. Many marriages are actually named but not real, and are only based on economic and other factors, especially those with children Father daughter love, mother son love, but there is no common child father daughter love, mother son love, if you want to be happy or maintain it can only be wishful thinking, and from the age point of view, two people go through life together is also a small probability, the younger side often in the end of life only lonely, lonely waiting for him (her).

And the love between grandson and grandson, and the love between grandson and grandson, is the acme of male chauvinism and feminism. Marriage is more purposeful. If they come together based on feelings, they may not even believe it. However, this kind of marriage seems to be relatively stable. After all, it is a short-term investment for both parties. There is no concern for their children, and it is almost impossible to complete their lives together. It is entirely based on economic or political basis. The most painful thing about this form of marriage is that the short-term investment has become the long-term investment, which can't bear for the young party. For example, why Deng Wendi wants to divorce is because she seems to have no hope. Moreover, historically, the emperor is the most powerful man, but the phenomenon of the emperor's female infidelity is also common. It can be seen that although the marriage between grandson and grandson is likely to be stable, to be happy is to fart. After all, this form of marriage is also too inhumane. However, in a country with political centralization and in a society with high concentration of wealth, this kind of marriage is a kind of marriage The form of composition seems to be quite common, and it will still exist in the future of mankind.

Therefore, among the seven marriage forms, the most stable and happiest one should be sister brother love. Especially with the development of science and technology and the increasing status of women, sister brother love will eventually become the most important form of marriage in the future, because this form of marriage is the most humane, the most reasonable and the most consistent with the laws of nature. Why do you say that?

There are six reasons

First, it is in line with the law of nature that we can live together for a lifetime. In the animal kingdom, it is a basic common sense that female animals live longer than male animals. Even for human beings, it is a basic rule that women's average life expectancy is higher than men's. Therefore, based on this point, it seems more appropriate for couples to live together for life.

Secondly, from the perspective of physiological structure, the marriage between brother and sister is more in line with the rhythm. Marriage stability and happiness are mainly based on three factors: economy, health and sex. In terms of physiological structure, the most vigorous stage of men's sex is from adulthood to about 30 years old. After 35 years old, the decline is increasingly obvious. However, there is almost no weak period in women's sex, and the most vigorous stage is mainly concentrated between 30 and 45 years old. With the development of science and technology, with the increasing extension of human life span, women's sexual exuberance period is also lengthening Structurally, sibling love is more rhythmic in terms of sex.

Third, it is in line with the characteristics of men's maintenance differences. Nowadays, men are far worse than women in terms of maintenance. Men's biggest hobbies, such as smoking, drinking, staying up late, etc., are destructive to their body and appearance. Nowadays, women attach great importance to maintenance, and their superficial facial maintenance is also increasingly delayed. Especially, women generally do not like smoking and drinking, so their appearance is easier to stay Let's see why beautiful women always marry ugly men. In fact, under the influence of smoking, drinking, staying up late and so on, men's appearance is more likely to age. Therefore, more and more sibling love can not see the big difference in age.

Fourth, it is in line with the characteristics of male character degeneration. With the development of science and technology, men are engaged in less and less physical work, men and women are engaged in the same work, so, men and women are increasingly similar, which is the basic reason for the feminization of men's character and the masculinity of women's character. Therefore, there is a phenomenon that men are more delicate than women, and they can't be wronged more than women, and as a sister, they can pack Tolerating his younger brother's pettiness can resolve his grievances. Therefore, in this respect, brother-in-law love is more suitable for the characteristics of more and more male personality degradation.

Fifthly, the sister in love with brother and sister generally has enough economic strength to let men weaken the pressure. Now, men are still the backbone of the family, so men's pressure is quite large, which is the fundamental reason why men value career more than life. However, in the love between brother and sister, the elder sister's economic strength is generally relatively large, at least do not need to rely on men to live, both sides of the family can support the family, so that the pressure of men will be reduced a lot. Men with less stress have more energy to cultivate their emotions and enrich their emotions, so that both husband and wife can have more time to run a small family. Therefore, from the economic point of view, sibling love is more happy and stable, which comes from the relatively strong economic base.

Sixthly, the possibility of infidelity is much less than that of other marriage forms. The biggest crisis of marriage comes from the unfaithfulness of one or both parties. The most traditional forms of marriage, such as peer love and brother sister love, are relatively willful. In a word, it is possible for both parties to break up as soon as they are patted. However, other forms of marriage, such as father daughter love, mother child love, especially grandson love and milk sun love, do not conform to the most basic natural law, so it is almost impossible for marriage to keep each other's chastity. However, the marriage of brother-in-law love, as one of the elder sisters, has more experience and is more inclusive. Therefore, the possibility of the elder sister to cheat is much less. Now, the younger man is mainly considered. However, due to the harmonious love between brother and sister, the woman has enough ability to make the man inseparable from her arms. Moreover, the economic strength of the woman is relatively strong to let the man go out Rail has to bear too much loss, so even the younger man does not have much courage to derail. A marriage without cheating will certainly be more stable and happy. This is also the marriage of brothers and sisters, we rarely hear of unhappiness, infidelity, divorce, even if there are contradictions, it seems to be able to quickly resolve.

In fact, brother-in-law love has more benefits for men. For example, older sisters are more likely to manage husband and wife life, are not coquettish, understand the truth, and are considerate of men. Especially in the aspect of diet, they are more recuperative and can let men feel care. Even if women can't cook now, they can also guide them, know how to match them, and tell you how to remove some with gentleness Bad habits. Even now, when male chauvinism still prevails, let's take a look at the brotherhood lovers around us. It's really much better than those who are in love with their peers and brothers and sisters. Their families seem to be happier and more stable, at least rarely in terms of divorce.