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Why is Xiao Jingteng the God of rain? Is he so magical?

according to today's microblog hot search, it is the China Meteorological Administration that pays attention to Xiao Jingteng. What makes Xiaobian very strange is that they have something to do with each other. It turns out that Xiao Jingteng is the God of rain. How did the rain god come from? Xiaobian did not know until he picked up his hand

The legend of "Rain God" can also be attributed to Xiao Jingteng's concert in Beijing in July this year. Because of the heavy rainstorm that day, Xiao Jingteng called his fans on Weibo early: "Beijing friends, I'll wait for you in Wukesong.". "This micro blog has aroused netizens' interest in spoofing, and all kinds of funny comments have appeared." we are almost there. There are still eight nautical miles left. "Love is too beautiful, although dangerous, willing to pay a pair of arms. After that, no matter in Nanjing, Changsha or Tianjin, where Xiao Jingteng started singing, it would be cloudy and rainy. Even when the master band is in New York, it will be hit by Hurricane Sandy.

Xiao Jingteng has been inseparable from rain since his Beijing concert was hit by a rainstorm. Recently, the Internet has spread wildly that Xiao Jingteng has encountered a typhoon when he starts singing in Shanghai. For a while, Xiao Jingteng's title of "Rain God" became more and more popular, and some people ridiculed "if you don't sing, it's sunny.". Xiao Jingteng got angry on his micro blog: "it's none of my business!" and learned that Xiao Jingteng would hold a concert in Changsha on October 20, fans affectionately called out: "come on, here we need to cool down.". On July 21, Xiao Jingteng held a concert in Beijing. As a result, Beijing suffered the biggest rainstorm in 61 years; on August 8, Xiao Jingteng's Shanghai concert was invoiced, and Shanghai suffered the biggest typhoon in 50 years;

On October 31, the new album master was left in New York. Now, let's see what the storm has done to New York!

On November 5, Xiao Jingteng was scheduled to hold a world tour concert in Tianjin Sports Center, but it was postponed because of the heavy rain in Tianjin;

Xiao Jingteng, the rain god, appeared again. On November 23, 2012, he held a solo concert at the London Pavilion. Unexpectedly, it happened that there was a general rainstorm in Britain, and even many areas were hit by floods. Interestingly, lianfan's coincidence can not help but make netizens exclaim that "the God of rain is really powerful", and jokingly suggests that he go to a dry place to sing. The editors of China sorted out all the concerts of Xiao Jingteng in 2012 and all the microblogs of Xiao Jingteng who disclosed his whereabouts in 2013, and summarized the 43 day itinerary of Xiao Tianwang from January 2012 to July 2013. According to the itinerary and the local weather records of that day, it was found that in the 43 days of travel, Yu Shen encountered rainfall in 26 days, accounting for 60.46% of the total, which was not as exaggerated as 83.3%.

Why is it that Xiao Jingteng's probability of getting rain is not as high as expected, but he is still regarded as the "Rain God"? On the one hand, Xiao Tianwang specially selected the day, taking last year's "7 & middot; 21" as an example, when he held a concert, he met the once-in-a-hundred-year heavy rainfall in Beijing. The name of "Rain God" became popular. Of the three rainfalls caught up in Beijing this year, two of them are heavy rain, so it's hard to attract attention. When Xiao Jingteng was promoted as "Rain God", every rainy day was highly concerned by netizens and media. It seems that the name of "Rain God" really has the flavor of "if you want to add God, why not worry about it"!