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Why say the child sleeps well to be able to grow tall

the old man said that "children grow up while sleeping", which is reasonable. The quality of sleep has an important impact on human growth and development. For a child in the growth and development period, the quality of physical development is closely related to the quality of sleep, especially to promote children to grow tall.

Medical research shows that when people sleep, the brain secretes more growth hormone, which plays a role in promoting the growth of bones, muscles, connective tissue and viscera. Children only secrete growth hormone when they are sleeping, but not when they are awake. Scientists have measured that children grow three times faster when they are asleep than when they are awake. Therefore, sleep is more important for children. At the same time, sleep has a good effect on the development of children's brain, the recovery of brain function, the enhancement and consolidation of memory.

Therefore, adults should create a good sleeping environment for children, such as fresh indoor air, keeping clean, quiet and slightly dark light, hanging curtains when sleeping in the daytime, turning off the lights at night, and keeping the bedding clean, dry, soft and comfortable. These are very important to ensure the quality of children's sleep.