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Is it true that dolphins can save people?

A long time ago, I heard the legend about dolphins and people. There were many stories about people who fell into the sea and were rescued by dolphins. When dolphins find a drowning person in the sea water, they will swim to the bottom of the drowning person and put him on the water. Then, the dolphins will form a semicircle to protect the rescued person and send him to the shore. Is it true?

The close relationship between dolphins and human beings and the behavior of dolphins to save people have long attracted the attention of marine biologists. The behavior of dolphins was also studied. A dolphin expert was on a voyage when he saw a group of bottlenose dolphins rescue a wounded companion who was injured by explosives from sea operations. The dolphins raised the wounded with their kisses. They took good care of them and surrounded them in a circle. They would not let them get hurt again.

Why do dolphins want to save people? Many scientists are also interested in this issue, but until now, there is no unified view. Scientists have the following three main explanations for dolphin saving people.

The caring nature of dolphins

It comes from the virtue of dolphin's nature to save people. As the basis of this instinct, it is a non conditional swimming reflex. That is, every time the dolphin's head comes out of the water, it will automatically open the blowhole and complete the breathing action. Dolphins like to push floating objects on the sea. They often lift their newborn babies out of the water or lift their sick or injured companions. This' caring nature 'of dolphins is not only manifested in the same species, but also in other animals, and even in all kinds of inanimate objects, such as turtle carcasses floating in the sea, wood and so on. Therefore, once a drowning person is encountered, he may instinctively push him to the shore as a floating object, so that people can be saved.

[dolphins act bravely in righteousness]

Many similarities between dolphins and humans have been talked about for centuries. Dolphin is very clever, because it has a developed brain, and there are many gullies, the more gullies, the more intelligent. The average brain weight of an adult dolphin is 1.6 kg, that of a human is about 1.5 kg, while that of an orangutan is less than 0.25 kg. In terms of absolute weight, dolphins ranked first, but in terms of the ratio of brain weight to body weight, human brain accounted for 2.1% of body weight, dolphins accounted for 1.17%, and orangutan only accounted for 0.7%. Obviously, the dolphin is a kind of high intelligence quotient animal, its' feat 'of saving people is a kind of conscious behavior. Because in most cases, dolphins push people to the shore, not to the sea. Ingrid Wiesel, who has studied marine mammals for 14 years, says there are many reports around the world about dolphins protecting swimmers. When dolphins may feel that humans are in danger, they will immediately act to protect them. Dolphins sometimes even fight with sharks to protect themselves and their young.

[dolphin's playful habits]

Dolphins are naturally active and good at imitation. Their favorite is to play in the water. Therefore, all the things that are touched become their toys. Why do dolphins push people to the shore instead of playing with people in the water as toys? This is related to the habits of dolphins. Dolphins like to swim back and forth in deep and shallow water. If a man falls into the deep water and meets a group of guerrilla dolphins in the shallow water area, they will push the boat along the water, push the man half and half playfully to the shallow water area, or push the drowning person to the shore. So, why do dolphins protect swimmers or swimmers from sharks? Because sharks have a very sensitive 'radar' sense of smell, if the diver falls right in the water where sharks are found, the smell emitted by the human body will soon attract sharks. If a group of dolphins happened to be playing with drowning people, they would think that sharks were coming to grab their toys and fight with them. Dolphins and sharks are natural enemies. Although sharks are the overlord of the ocean, they usually act alone, while dolphins are in groups. Naturally, sharks are driven away.