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Why do dogs like to stick out their tongue when it's hot? Why does a dog stick out its tongue in hot

Dogs are our most loyal friends. We must often see dogs in our lives. We must have noticed that dogs like to stick out their tongues when it is hot. Why? What's the advantage of sticking out your tongue when it's hot? Next, let's have a look with

Human and mammalian body temperatures are constant. For example, people, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, have a normal body temperature of 36.5 ℃, while dogs also have a fixed normal temperature. However, in the hot season, people can keep their body temperature constant by sweating and fanning.

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Sweat is secreted by sweat glands on the surface of human body. Although the dog should maintain a constant body temperature, it has no sweat glands on its body surface. Its sweat glands grow on the tongue.

So, in the hot summer, in order to maintain normal body temperature, the dog had to stick out its long, steaming tongue, through which the whole body heat was emitted. In fact, even if it's not in summer, dogs often stick out their tongues after running and fighting, and when their bodies are hot, they can regulate their body temperature by sweating.

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