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Why is cat excrement coffee so expensive? What is the effect of cat excrement coffee

Cat poop coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. It costs hundreds of dollars per pound. If you want to drink a cup of authentic cat excrement coffee, you have to take out at least two pieces of grandfather Mao. It's so expensive! It's suitable to install B! Is it worth it? I'll tell you today!

Kopi Luwak

A kind of coffee made from the coffee beans excreted by civet, originated in Indonesia.

In the early 18th century, the Dutch established coffee plantations in the Indonesian colonies of Sumatra and Java, and prohibited local people from picking and eating their own coffee fruits. Local people in Indonesia inadvertently found that civet loved to eat these coffee fruits, and would row the beans intact when they pulled the Baba.

Civet only selects the most ripe and sweet coffee beans to eat, which is a kind of natural screening. Secondly, local people found that these beans are fermented by the cat's stomach, and the coffee produced is better than ordinary coffee!

Cat excrement coffee has gradually become well-known and become a hot item in the international market. However, behind the delicious flavor, it is a variety of problems!



Civet is a kind of nocturnal animal, inhabits in the jungle, and its food intake is very small. The coffee beans produced by wild civet are very rare. Only by artificial breeding can we get more cat excrement coffee.

Here's what Guardian reporter Tony Wilder reported: "these shy little animals are kept in a small, dirty cage and are forced to eat incessantly. They are on the verge of collapse, biting each other's companions, biting their legs, pulling blood, and dying one by one. '


Fraud is rampant

80% of the coffee in the market is fake. Many coffee companies label ordinary coffee as "cat poop" to raise the price.

Even if it comes from real cat excrement, it is basically the product of industrial production, and the original ecology is almost impossible.


Feeding is not good quality beans

To reduce costs, workers mix good beans with bad ones and feed civet.


Drive bad atmosphere

The popularity of cat excrement coffee has led to a bad atmosphere. Elephant dung coffee, squirrel dung coffee, bird dung coffee all came out, the same cruel means.

The artificial screening technology of coffee bean quality is so mature

Do you really think it's not as good as a cat's Baba?

Instead of being cheated by these commercial marketing methods

It's better to buy a cup of coffee that really pays attention to quality!