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Why is it easy for men to cheat during confinement? 5 tips to hold on to your husband!

Lei, a master of Peking University, was arrested and killed for whoring. According to information, Lei died the day, the baby was just born half a month. In fact, seeing this, no matter what the truth of the incident, whether it is involved in whoring or not, while regretting the new baby father, I sincerely want to remind all pregnant mothers that the period from pregnancy to one year after childbirth is indeed a high incidence period for men to cheat. At the same time, do not forget to learn how to manage marriage, to 'fire prevention, theft prevention and derailment'.

The news of a husband cheating on his wife during pregnancy is everywhere. The time of the article's derailment is precisely during the period of Ma Yili's second son. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are admired by many people. It is reported that Brad Pitt was caught in bed by Julie for having an affair with his nanny. At that time, Angelina Jolie's twin children were only eight months old. David is the man of many women's dreams. However, many years ago, when Victoria was pregnant, Beckhams had an affair with British model Jordan, and there was a rumor of Divorce & hellip; & hellip;

In fact, this problem is not only encountered by star couples, but also by many ordinary couples. Although this does not necessarily happen to you, but still must cause our attention and attention, here to give pregnant mother a wake-up call.

Pregnancy is the peak period for men to cheat

It has become a "doomsday" in many marriages that the husband is easy to cheat during pregnancy. According to a survey released by Taiwan's Yahoo health, pregnancy is the most likely time for a husband to cheat. According to media reports, 85% of husbands will cheat while their wives are pregnant, and only 15% will not. Is it hard for most women to endure the double psychological changes?

The reasons for men's cheating during pregnancy are as follows:

There is no way to vent sexual desire

After pregnancy, both husband and wife will consciously stop or reduce the number of sexual life, and at this time, most of the young men are at the peak of sexual desire. Although they can restrain their desires, they still have sexual impulses. Scientific experiments show that men have a one-off fantasy every six minutes. Men's desire for sex is always there, and it will not disappear or decrease because of his wife's pregnancy. Sometimes at night, men's natural sexual desire can't help but produce, but considering the safety of the fetus, there can't be any slip ups. Moreover, when the wife is pregnant, she will listen to the advice of experts and consciously stop or reduce the number of times of sexual life or even abstinence.

The relationship between husband and wife became tense

The wife is pregnant, the family is about to give birth to a new life, which was originally a happy thing, but for the father to be, it may be the beginning of pressure. The husband bears most of the burden of the family, and he may worry that he will not be able to bear the responsibility of raising a child in the future.

Escape from 'family'

The "family" here is not a small family of husband and wife, but a big family including their parents. After pregnancy, all kinds of care came one after another, especially mother-in-law. They knew the hard work of a woman's pregnancy and worried that her son-in-law was careless and did not know how to take care of her daughter. Therefore, many mother-in-law volunteered to take part in the small family and became voluntary nannies.

How to deal with husband cheating during pregnancy and childbirth?

How to deal with husband cheating during pregnancy and childbirth?

Coping strategy one: proper love during pregnancy

From the medical knowledge, love in the early and late pregnancy has a certain impact on the baby. In the second trimester of pregnancy, if everything is normal, you can maintain normal sex, but the frequency and intensity of sexual life should be moderate, within two times a week, each time no more than 10 minutes, the action should be gentle and not rough, the insertion should not be too deep, the frequency should not be too fast, do not oppress the pregnant mother's abdomen, and before love, we must do a good job of cleaning and protection to avoid uterine infection.

For the early and late pregnancy, and some couples who are not suitable for rooming during pregnancy, they can satisfy their sexual desire by caressing and masturbating each other. Or use some fun tools, you know~

Coping strategy two: postpartum appropriate restoration of harmonious sexual life

Before the child is one year old. Research shows that couples have the lowest frequency of sex in the first year of their children's birth. Newborn eating, drinking, sleeping, crying and so on, will make new parents eat uneasy, sleep is not good, sexual life will also be affected.

From the point of view of physical health, 42 days after delivery, to go to the hospital for postpartum review, after the doctor's inspection, if the uterus and internal reproductive tract basically return to normal, you can resume the life of husband and wife. However, according to the relevant investigation, within 8 weeks after delivery, there will be a slight sexual apathy. Generally, the interest in sexual life will increase in the third month after delivery. Therefore, from the perspective of sexual psychology, it is better to resume the world of two people after 2 months of postpartum. For postpartum can't love this period of time, like pregnancy, think of a way to solve it~

Postpartum recovery of love, must not rush to roll sheets, preparation is very important. You can make an appointment with your husband for a "love time" and be well prepared. For example, take a hot bath, do some simple massage, relax all over the body, watch some warm and romantic movies, recall the past happy times, give a gentle and touching hug and caress & hellip; & hellip; with these preparations, the next step is to be as close as glue!

How to deal with husband cheating during pregnancy and childbirth?

Coping strategy 3: grasp his "desire" and learn to divert his attention

Before pregnancy, you can carefully feel how strong your husband is. At this stage, you can help your husband control himself. The emotional communication between two people is not necessarily love. There are many ways to communicate, such as more intimate words, more gentle contact, more incident infection, or distracting his attention, such as exercise together, moderate participation in recreational activities, etc. Remember to let him feel the pain of your pregnancy to cultivate his guilt.

A man who loves you, his children and his family, with your help, must be able to firmly control himself and not go out of his way.

Coping strategy four: don't be a big mother, be a spicy mother, and be sure to keep a beautiful image!

Many husbands are unable to accept the deformed figure of their wives after their pregnancy, thus affecting their feelings and easily cheating. It is true that after pregnancy, we may be less graceful than before, and become bloated and cumbersome, which we can't change. However, this does not mean that we have to be disheartened and dishevelled all day. Women can't be sloppy after pregnancy. They should dress up fresh and refreshing. Pregnant women's clothes can also wear taste and style. "Pregnant women are the most beautiful", as a self comfort or as a reason for self-confidence, in short, firmly establish a beautiful image!

How to deal with husband cheating during pregnancy and childbirth?

Coping strategy 5: let the husband get pregnant together, share weal and woe, and have more emotional exchanges

Since children are the crystallization of love, then, pregnancy should not only be a woman's pregnancy, but should be a couple's pregnancy. Let her husband accompany him to the hospital for birth examination, walk hand in hand, carry out fetal education together, imagine the child's appearance together, name the child together, buy pregnant and infant supplies together, massage your waist, sing children's songs to the baby with your belly & hellip; & hellip; Warm, not only further sublimation of each other's feelings, but also for the plain life added a lot of fun.

In addition, pregnancy can affect a woman's mood. Irritable, easy to get angry, anxious, suspicious, sad and tearful, any tiny thing can become an emotional storm. Standing in a woman's point of view, in this special period, I especially hope to be comforted and loved by my husband. But from a man's point of view, why does he have to endure your unexplained anger? Because he is pregnant? He has to work hard to earn money during the day, which may depend on the face of the boss and customers. When he comes home, he should change his habit of not doing housework before and take good care of you. At this time, he may suffer from "depression during pregnancy". If he can't bear it, he will choose to stay away from home or even go out to breathe. Therefore, after pregnancy, don't think that the husband must endure his bad temper, must strive to control the mood fluctuations, do not be nervous, don't always be stubborn, don't be neurotic and suspicious. Keep a happy mood, think more about happy things, smile more, is also a good prenatal education!