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Why does long gestational grain? How does gestational grain prevent and control

Love beautiful new mothers, pregnant mothers will inevitably worry about the appearance of pregnancy marks, which will affect the beauty of the skin. 8 to know, "there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women". Maintain maintenance during pregnancy, maintain normal diet and living habits, and relax. You can also be a good pregnant mother!

What is stretch mark?

Stria gravidarum is a kind of atrophic stria. Atrophic lines are red, white or purple stripes that occur during pregnancy, fitness and weight gain. It also includes fat lines and movement cracks. In addition to the abdomen, there are other parts of the body, such as thigh, knee, hip, lumbosacral and so on.

The formation and influence of stria gravidarum

There are not only physical reasons and prenatal maintenance reasons, but also genetic reasons. However, it is mainly due to the influence of hormones during pregnancy and abdominal distention, which damages or breaks the elastic and collagen fibers of the skin. The abdominal skin becomes thinner and thinner, with some pink or purplish red wavy patterns of different width and length. After childbirth, these patterns will gradually disappear, leaving white or silvery white shiny scar lines, namely pregnancy marks. Stria gravidarum mainly appears on the abdominal wall, and may also appear in the thighs, buttocks, chest, back waist and arms. It was most obvious in primipara. Once the appearance of pregnancy marks will not disappear, and accompanied by skin relaxation, breast drop, abdominal fat accumulation, a serious impact on women's postpartum posture and physical and mental health.

That has numbness and numbness, after birth BB did not leave pregnancy mark?

According to statistics, 70% to 90% of pregnant women will produce stretch marks, but if you strengthen prenatal care, you can greatly reduce the probability of pregnancy marks, at least to minimize the impact of pregnancy marks.

So, Xiaobian here to give you a popular science about the method of prevention of gestational marks


To avoid pregnancy marks from the usual maintenance, pay attention to the health care work before and after pregnancy. Pay attention to exercise before pregnancy, eat more protein rich food, enhance skin elasticity. After pregnancy, keep moderate exercise and balanced nutrition to avoid excessive weight gain. When taking a shower, the water temperature should not be too high. You can wash the abdomen with water slightly cooler than the body temperature, and gently massage the abdominal skin, so as to enhance the skin elasticity.

We can start from the following aspects

(1) During pregnancy should be rich in vitamins and minerals. Because collagen fiber itself is composed of protein, it can absorb more protein rich food. Avoid oily, sweet and salty foods.

(2) Weight gain during pregnancy, the range of weight gain should not exceed 2 kg per month, and should be controlled at 11-14 kg during pregnancy.

(3) The use of abdominal support belt can bear the gravity load of the abdomen and slow down the excessive stretching and pulling of the skin.

(4) Pay attention to exercise, adhere to cold water bath, enhance skin elasticity.

If it is already a stretch mark of hemp how to do? We absolutely can't sit back and let it relax at will! Therefore, it is necessary for us to try the method of reducing stretch marks~

Weight control and balanced nutrition can reduce the severity of pregnancy marks, and the application of abdominal skin care products is also very important. Skin care products can be oil or cream products designed specifically for stretch marks, or olive oil. Abdominal skin care products to adhere to daily smear and moderate massage.

Some people say that tonic is not as good as food tonic. What you eat is the best. In addition to the above tips, Xiaobian also recommends three kinds of pure natural food to help new mothers ease pregnancy marks. Let's follow Xiaobian to have a look!

1. Salmon

Often eat salmon, can play a role in reducing wrinkles, so as to effectively alleviate the pregnancy marks of expectant mothers. The collagen contained in the flesh and skin of the fish is the best nutriment for skin. A large amount of collagen can slow down the aging of body cells. Regular consumption can make the skin of expectant mother plump, full of elasticity and away from the trouble of pregnancy marks.

2. Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit is known as a fruit gold mine, rich in food fiber, C, vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements and minerals. Among them, vitamin C can effectively inhibit the oxidation of DOPA quinone in the skin, transform the dark oxidized pigment into reduced light pigment, interfere with the formation of melanin, prevent pigment precipitation, and keep the skin white, which can effectively resist the pregnancy marks of expectant mothers.

3. Broccoli

Broccoli is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and carotene, which can enhance the anti damage ability of skin, which will help to maintain skin elasticity, and can make mothers to be away from the trouble of pregnancy marks. Many mothers to be think that tomatoes are the most vitamin C rich vegetables, in fact, broccoli vitamin C is almost four times that of tomatoes. The rich vitamin C can not only enhance the immunity of the expectant mother, ensure that the fetus is not infected by bacteria, but also enhance the skin elasticity.

Mother is the most beautiful woman in the world, whether there are pregnancy marks or not, and whether the meat on the stomach is loose after giving birth to the baby. Mothers must not feel discouraged or even lost or depressed because of their baby's body shape. They should remember that self-confidence is the best cosmetics~