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Is it necessary for pregnant women to eat bird's nest? Why should pregnant women eat bird's nest

Many women know that it is good to eat bird's nest when they are pregnant, but they don't know why? Today, I'll talk about the benefits of bird's nest to women.

It is estimated that every mother to be knows that folic acid should be taken before pregnancy to the first three months after pregnancy, because the fetus in the early stage of pregnancy is mainly brain nerve development, and folic acid contains amino acids, which is necessary for fetal brain nerve development. Then eating the bird's nest is related to this amino acid. The bird's nest contains water-soluble protein, sialic acid, various trace elements and other nutrients. Among them, sialic acid, also known as bird's nest acid, is a special amino acid (lysine, cystine, arginine) contained in the bird's nest. These three amino acids are unique in the bird's nest, and are natural, and play a good role in the development of fetal brain nerve.

This is the advantage of eating bird's nest for pregnant women. In Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, women usually eat bird's nest for beauty (which will be mentioned later). It is very common to eat bird's nest to supplement amino acids during pregnancy. With the improvement of living standards, domestic women have begun to have the habit of eating bird's nest. However, the bird's nest market is very chaotic. If you eat a bird's nest of poor quality, it's not as good Do not eat, especially pregnant women, the following small series through the domestic name of bird's nest to talk about the quality of bird's nest.

There are many names of bird's nest in China, such as Guanyan (called Zhengyan in Malaysia and Indonesia), triangle swallow (also known as triangular calyx), dragon's tooth calyx, 4a, 5A, 6a and so on. What is the difference between the quality of bird's nest? Can we tell the quality of bird's nest by these names alone? Today, we will talk about the quality of bird's nest determined by what.

First of all, let's talk about the origin of these names. Even if you haven't seen the nests built by swiftlets, you should have met the nests built by common grass swallows, which can be found in most provinces of southern China. Swallows' nests built on the walls are either built on the walls or on the corner. The side of the nests built on the walls is flat, and the whole shape is the shape of a half bowl, which is in the origin of Southeast Asia The bird's nest is called 'Zhengyan'. When it comes to China, it has a nice name 'Guanyan'. The bird's nest built in the corner of the wall is in contact with the wall at a right angle. The whole bird's nest is triangular, so it is called 'triangle swallow'. The dragon's nest is used to remove the base of the bird's nest (the base is the part where the bird's nest contacts the wall, which will be thicker and harder, and there are more impurities) The shape of the swallow jar is relatively complete and beautiful. When it comes to China, it becomes a dragon's tooth cup. Therefore, whether it's Guanyan, Sanjiao or Longya, it's just different in shape. There's no essential difference in quality. It's all the saliva of swiftlet.

The names of 4A, 5A and 6A are originally from Hong Kong. It is very common for Hong Kong people to eat bird's nest, and ordinary people eat it at home. This has been seen in some Hong Kong TV dramas. Hong Kong people like to use a to call bird's nest, but not to distinguish the quality of bird's nest, but to distinguish the size of bird's nest. 4A refers to the length of dried bird's nest reaching the width of four adult fingers. In fact, 5A and 6A are now used There are very few birds' nests now, because most of the bird's nests are produced in artificial houses. People in Southeast Asian countries will build houses to attract swiftlets to build nests. Malay people don't pronounce 'bird's nest' and 'swallow house' very accurately, so they call 'bird's house'. If the owner of a Swiftlet's nest is wider and thicker than before, it will not be better for people to have a bigger nest for the first time The owner of the house will pick all the nests, so there are very few large nests above 5A.

So what kind of bird's nest is a good bird's nest? Xiaobian thinks that the natural bird's nest without additives, bleaching, brushing glue, and hand picking is a good bird's nest. In fact, the Chinese people have a misunderstanding about the consumption of bird's nest. They always think that the bird's nest is a high-end consumer goods, which can be eaten by the royal family before. It is because they don't know about the bird's nest that illegal businesses can seize it This kind of psychology of consumers divides the bird's nest into three or six grades, and concocts the concepts of 'official swallow', 'dragon's tooth cup' and 'Tian Zhan' and '6A VIP swallow's lamp', which makes the price of bird's nest double up to make huge profits.

In fact, Xiaobian thinks that the name of bird's nest in Hong Kong is more rational and direct. It directly uses 3a, 4a, 5A and 6a to distinguish the size of bird's nest. In countries of origin such as Malaysia and Indonesia, bird's nest is only distinguished in size, and there are not so many names in China. So when you buy a bird's nest, you don't have to listen to the name of the bird's nest. You just need to pay attention to whether the bird's nest is pure natural. Here, pure natural means that there is no additive, no bleaching, no glue brush, and pure manual picking. This kind of bird's nest is a natural bird's nest, and it is just the saliva of swiftlet.