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Why are some people born color blind

The eye is a very important organ in our human body. We can see the world clearly through our eyes. The eyes can distinguish various objects and colors. Some people can't distinguish colors. This kind of people are called color blindness. They suffer from color blindness. So why do some people get color blindness and can't distinguish colors?

Why do people get color blindness?

Why do people get color blindness? There are three kinds of cone cells in our eyes: red cone cells, green cone cells and blue cone cells. When the three kinds of cells work alone, they will feel red, green and blue; when the three kinds of cells work at the same time, they will produce a sense of white; when they play different roles, they will produce colorful colors.

If there is a lack of cone cells, there will be a corresponding color blindness phenomenon, such as the lack of red cone cells or green cone cells in patients with red green color blindness, patients can not correctly distinguish red and green.