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Why do you have wrinkles? How to remove them

Why do you have wrinkles? What bad habits in life can cause wrinkles? No matter how beautiful a person is, there will be traces of years flowing by. Wrinkles on the face will gradually emerge, making you feel the passage of time. However, in addition to the ruthless years, there are other reasons that can cause your wrinkles to increase, that is, your bad habits! So, which bad habits in your life can cause wrinkles?

The cause of raising the head lines

Muscle function decline: mainly due to the decline of other muscle function, so that the frontal muscle over developed, resulting in frontal striation is more obvious. For example, congenital ptosis, because levator myasthenia of the upper eyelid can only be opened through frontal muscle movement, which is obvious over time. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the ptosis through eye plastic surgery, in order to remove the forehead wrinkles.

Environmental impact: harsh environment makes skin aging rapidly, such as wind and sun, 20-year-old full of wrinkles, age looks like 40 years old. The external environment influences the skin to accelerate aging, also can make the wrinkles more obvious when young.

The changes of epidermal melanocytes: the number of activated melanocytes decreases with the increase of age, and its reserve capacity is also decreasing, which strengthens them. The degeneration and destruction of dermal elastic fibers are accelerated, and wrinkles are increased and deepened. The changes of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in dermis determine the occurrence and development of skin wrinkle wall, relaxation, atrophy, telangiectasis and other aging appearance of skin.

Others: bad habits, often touch the forehead or frown; strong light stimulation, UV directly lead to skin aging, water shortage can also cause the increase of wrinkles.

Can natural raised head lines be removed? How to get rid of natural wrinkles

1. Use water and skin care products rich in vitamins

Vitamin C has whitening and exfoliating effect, while vitamin E has antioxidant and anti-aging effects. The products containing this kind of vitamin have the effect of replenishing water and locking water to varying degrees, which can make the skin more moist and elastic. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement vitamin nutrition to the skin in time.

2. Stretch and massage regularly

Before massage, clean your face and hands thoroughly. Then press and hold the left hand on the right hairline, and the right hand starts to press and knead this area. The left hand makes a circular movement on it. After the left and right hands are exchanged, do the same action until the forehead massage is finished. Between the two eyebrows, start gently from the forehead to the outside.

3. Supplement collagen

Collagen can keep the skin elastic, which is an essential component of aging. It is suggested to use more skin care products containing collagen, and eat more foods containing collagen, such as pig's feet, meat skin, cod liver oil, etc., so as to make the skin elastic, delay aging, and weaken the wrinkles on the head, law and dry.

Can natural raised head lines be removed? How to get rid of natural wrinkles

Get rid of bad habits

In fact, many people have raised their heads, most of which are caused by bad habits in life. Therefore, the expression should not be too rich. Always keep the posture of holding your head and chest up. When you look at people, you should look at each other squarely. Don't raise your eyebrows when you speak. Don't always raise your forehead. Try to avoid facial wrinkles.

5. Cucumber egg white to eliminate the wrinkles

Take 1-2 teaspoons of fresh cucumber juice, add the same amount of egg white, mix well, use it to wash your face before going to bed, and then smear the forehead wrinkles. After getting up the next day, wash it with warm water. It can be effective for half a year.

6. Clean your face thoroughly

In the morning and evening, use mild facial cleanser to remove the dirt on the face. When washing the face, the forehead should be rubbed vertically with fingers.