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Why is there only 28 days in February? Why is there a leap year

February is 28 days. The present solar calendar was set by Caesar the great in 46 BC. At first, he stipulated 12 months a year, 31 days in a single month and 30 days in a bimonthly, so that there were 366 days a year. However, in Rome at that time, a group of prisoners were executed every February, so February was regarded as an unlucky month. As a result, Caesar reduced February by one day, leaving 29 days. Later, Caesar was killed. Augustus became emperor. He found that Caesar was born in July with 31 days, while he was born in August with only 30 days. He subtracted one day from February to August. This leaves 28 days in February and 31 days in August. At the same time, he changed the number of days in the next few months to become what he is now. Four years is a leap year, but don't forget that there are four years in the Gregorian calendar. That is to say, every four years is a leap year. There are 29 days in February of the leap year. 1. With the earth's revolution to the sun, each time is 365 times, and the average allocation of February is 28 days. 2. A day is not only 24:00, but 24 and 1 / 4 of a day, people always accumulate the quarter hour and accumulate one more day in the fourth year It was February 29