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Why can't children's buttocks be spanked? What are the unreasonable practices for parents to spank t

Four seas entertainment news: it is very common for children to make mistakes, but many times children always make mistakes intentionally, which makes parents headache. If they can't bear it, they will punish their children by spanking. In fact, spanking children's buttocks is very irrational practice, children's buttocks or not to hit. Why can't children's buttocks be spanked? The following small make-up for you to sort out the relevant content about children's buttocks can't be spanked, let's have a look!

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Why can't children be spanked?

The human brain tissue is located in the cranial cavity, and the skull is connected with the human spine through the atlantooccipital joint. If the parents accidentally hand too heavy and too hard, the child's buttocks may be transferred to the atlantooccipital joint through the spine due to sudden impact, which may cause skull damage or overall deformation, resulting in brain stem damage, and the consequences are unimaginable.

Pay more attention to spanking boys

In general, children can't control their parents' emotions, and they will spank their children in bed, especially boys. In fact, this is an extremely wrong way. Hitting a child by pressing on the child may damage the testicles by the edge of the bed or something else, causing hematoma or breakage of the testicles.

What are the unreasonable ways for parents to beat their children?

Some parents will beat their children's buttocks with hard objects such as belt and feather duster when their children make mistakes, which is very easy to cause local hematoma, make blood circulation not smooth, and even cause necrotizing inflammation. In addition to spanking, they also punish children by pulling their ears. Although this punishment will not cause eardrum damage, but if you pull the child's ear in winter, once the child's ear has frostbite, it is easy to cause ear cartilage damage, infection or hematoma, so parents must pay attention.

Violence hurts children's mental health

Parents educate their children by spanking and other means of corporal punishment, on the one hand, it will make the children suffer from flesh and blood, on the other hand, it will affect the children's mental health, leave a shadow on the children's psychology, and destroy the feelings between parents and children. For extroverted children, if they are educated through corporal punishment, it is easy for them to have rebellious psychology, and even imitate adults to solve problems with violence; for introverted children, if they solve problems through violence again, it will further frustrate the children's self-confidence, which is not conducive to the cultivation of children's good character.

It's very common for children to make mistakes. Only when they make mistakes can they know what is right. Parents must treat children's mistakes squarely. Don't solve them by violence once they make mistakes. In fact, you can think of some other ways to punish them. For example, children can recite some ancient poems, or copy ancient poems several times. Spanking is a corporal punishment or not Yes.