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Why can child drop tooth? What reason does child drop tooth grow

Children begin to change their teeth when they are five or six years old. If there is a retention phenomenon when changing teeth, parents should think of a way. Adults say that touching the stone lion in front of the door can grow teeth, which is superstition. What should be done to grow teeth? Of course, if a tooth is dropped after the tooth changing period, it is another matter.

Supplement calcium food or calcium tablets.

If the teeth fall off during the tooth changing period, parents should pay attention to whether the children are lack of calcium. They can appropriately increase the intake of foods with high calcium and vitamin D in their daily diet, such as dairy products, bean products (tofu), sesame, etc., and foods with high vitamin D, such as fatty fish, egg yolk, animal viscera, etc At the same time, take children out to bask in the sun, do sports, promote the absorption of calcium.

Pay attention to oral hygiene.

Children in the period of tooth change should pay special attention to the habit of using teeth, as well as oral hygiene, to avoid the wrong habit of using teeth, resulting in irregular teeth, or not growing teeth, pay attention to oral health, mainly to avoid dental caries in the period of tooth change, resulting in missing teeth. Therefore, parents should pay more attention to children's oral hygiene at ordinary times, urge children to brush their teeth carefully, and let children form the habit of gargling after meals. It is suggested that you can buy some toothpaste that can prevent dental caries and replace the toothbrush once every three months.

Use teeth to chew food correctly.

A child who has just lost a tooth always likes to touch the place where the tooth is missing, or to shake the loose and falling teeth, which may affect the eruption of permanent teeth. Because children change teeth, their teeth itch and like to bite the pen. At this time, the teeth are in the development stage, which may also affect the long teeth and teeth arranged in order. The most important thing is to avoid chewing food on the gums for a long time after the teeth fall off, because the gums may thicken under the action of force, thus preventing the eruption of teeth.

The diet is thick and thin.

During the tooth changing period, parents should ensure that their children's diet is balanced. They should give their children more food that can exercise their teeth, let the deciduous teeth fall off more naturally, and promote the growth and development of teeth, such as: eating apples, eating pears, corn, adding celery and coarse grain rice among the ordinary stir fried vegetables. These chewy foods can not only provide the necessary nutrients for children's health, but also promote the eruption of children's teeth.

Go to the hospital for examination and film.

If a child's teeth fall more than half a year, they have to go to a regular hospital. By taking a film, we can know whether the teeth are hindered in the process of germination, or whether the teeth are no longer growing due to dental caries. If the teeth fall off due to external force after changing teeth, they should be filled or planted.