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Why the autumn and winter season will rise static electricity knowledge

In autumn and winter, when I take off my sweater before going to bed at night, I can only hear the crackling sound and make my flesh ache. I dare not go out with my friends hand in hand. This is the charm of static electricity. So how does this static electricity come into being and how can we avoid it? Let's make it up for you

With the increase of household appliances and people wearing more chemical fiber clothes in winter, the static charge generated by household appliances will be absorbed and accumulated by the human body. In addition, the walls and floors in the house are mostly insulators, and the air is dry, so it is more vulnerable to electrostatic interference.

In order to prevent the occurrence of static electricity, indoor must maintain a certain humidity, the indoor must frequently mop the floor, frequently sprinkle some water, or use humidifier to humidify; must frequently take a bath, frequently change clothes, in order to eliminate the static charge accumulated on the human body surface. When it is found that the hair can not be combed, the comb will be immersed in water for a moment, and after the static electricity is eliminated, the hair can be combed and fitted. After you take off your clothes, touch the wall with your hand. Before touching the door handle or faucet, you should also touch the wall with your hand, so that the static electricity will not hurt you. For the elderly, they should choose soft and smooth cotton or silk underwear and underwear, and try not to wear chemical fiber clothes, so as to minimize the harm of static electricity.

1. Wash your hands before you go out, or put your hands on the wall to wipe off static electricity! And try not to wear colored clothes.

2. In order to avoid electrostatic impact, small metal devices (such as keys) and cotton rags can be used to touch the door, doorknob, faucet, chair back, bed fence, etc. to eliminate static electricity, and then touch them by hand.

3. Wear cotton underwear.

4. When getting ready to get off the car, hold the gear with your right hand, touch the iron part below with your finger, and then open the door, put your left hand on the iron position of the door, but don't loosen the left hand, and then put the right hand out of the car. At this time, you will not be electrified by holding the door with your right hand.. Next, push it hard, get it done~~

5. To deal with static electricity, we can take both 'anti' and 'release'. We should try our best to choose pure cotton products as the fabric of clothing and household accessories, and try to avoid using chemical fiber carpet and furniture with plastic surface material to prevent friction and electrification. Keep away from electrical appliances such as TV sets and refrigerators as far as possible to prevent induction electrification. "Discharge" is to increase the humidity so that local static electricity can be easily released. When you turn off the TV and leave the computer, you should wash your hands and face immediately to let the electrostatic charge on the skin surface be released in the water. In winter, try to choose high moisturizing cosmetics. Common humidifier. Some people like to keep ornamental fish and Narcissus indoors, which is also a good way to adjust indoor humidity.

In addition, it is recommended to give you an economical and practical humidification method: place a basin of water under the heating, use an old towel (or absorbent cloth), put one end in the water and the other end on the heater, so that about three liters of water can be evaporated to the room in a day and night. If every heater does this, the whole room will feel moist and pleasant. You may as well try it.

6. Frequent bathing and changing clothes can effectively eliminate the static electricity accumulated on the human body surface.

Now you know the source of static electricity. Together to prevent static electricity, from the pain of flesh and skin.