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Why is Trump called trump Trump what China's influence is on the US President?

In the fierce US presidential election, trump took the lead in getting 270 electoral votes, which means he will take the new president of the United States in January 2017. For the trump trump of 2017 president, many netizens do not know whether Trump or trump, or is trump known as Trump or trump? Now, Xiaobian tells you that 2017 the president of the United States is Trump or tpron.

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2017 is president trump of the United States called Trump or trump?

Donald · Trump, also known as Donald · trump. Born in New York on June 14, 1946. Politicians, businessmen, writers, hosts. Donald Trump was once one of the most famous real estate developers in the United States, known as the 'King of real estate'. Relying on real estate and the stock market, trump owns real estate in prime locations in New York, New Jersey, Florida and other places. He has also created "trump shuttle air" and is the owner of New Jersey's "general" professional football team. Trump built several luxury buildings and villas in scenic towns, purchased $100 million worth of luxury yachts, and owned private jets. On November 9, 2016, the vote count results of the US general election show that: Republican candidate Donald & middot; trump has reached 270 electoral votes and will become the 45th president of the United States.

So, trump trump, the 2017 president of the United States, is called Trump. No Trapp long said that many people called trump for trump, and should not remember that Trump has wrongly written into the Prof. In order to avoid making mistakes, he can directly remember Trump's transliteration name trump, so that he will not make a joke.

2017 what is the president of the United States called trump?

Because Trump's English is tramp, and transliteration can be directly translated into trump, which is the translation method in Taiwan. And tramp can also be pronounced as t-ram-p, which is the standard translation method in the Xinhua News Agency's English name translation manual. In fact, it can be understood as polysyllabic words.

How did Donald Trump, the new president of the United States, move towards the White House step by step in 2017

Before this new presidential status, trump, born in New York in June 1946, is one of the most famous real estate developers in the United States. He owns real estate in prime locations in New York, New Jersey and Florida. So, how did the new president of the United States step by step step step into the White House, surrounded by controversies during the election campaign? First financial reporter sorted out several critical moments on Trump's White House Road.

Trump announced his candidacy

On June 16, 2015, trump announced his decision to participate in the 2016 US presidential election at trump building on Fifth Avenue in New York City. "I'm going to be the greatest working president of all time," "and" I'm going to make America strong again, "he said.

Before this, trump has repeatedly publicly expressed his intention to run for president, but most of them failed. The official announcement of his candidacy also made the outside world speculate about his real motive.

As the 12th Republican to announce his candidacy for the party's nomination, trump faces a strong set of rivals, including Jeb & middot; Bush, the younger brother of former President George W. Bush, a former governor of Florida.

Trump primary

In the primary stage of the Republican Party, the unconventional and full of topic trump not only took the lead, but also unexpectedly defeated several powerful opponents and successfully won the party nomination.

On February 10, 2016, New Jersey Governor Chris & middot; Christie, who was unable to get rid of the "bridge door" scandal, announced his withdrawal from the election. Christie was revealed to have deliberately closed the George & middot; Washington bridge drive between Manhattan, New York, and liburg, N.J., in September 2013, causing traffic jams for several days in the city. The move was seen as revenge for not supporting him during the governor's election.

Just 10 days later, on February 20, Jeb & middot; Bush, who had always been the most promising and far ahead in fund-raising, announced his withdrawal from the election. Some analysts say that although he has a distinguished political family background and a beautiful personal history, he has never been able to establish a real connection with the voters and is difficult to resonate with the voters. Therefore, he has not been ranked well in many polls. Perhaps because he was hopeless, Jeb chose to quit.

At this time, only trump, Rubio and Cruz are left to compete for the party's nomination.

On March 15th, Florida's Senate district was defeated in Florida.

On May 4, Texas Senator Cruz announced his withdrawal from the election, basically paving the way for trump to win the party nomination.

On May 26, Trump's representative support in the Republican Party reached 1238 votes, officially locking the Republican presidential nomination.

On July 15, trump announced through social media that Indiana Governor Mike Pence was his running mate, vice president, and announced the news on social media for the first time. Burns then tweeted, "I'm honored to join the trump team and work to make America great again. '

On July 19, trump, who won 1237 party representatives, was officially nominated by the Republican Party as the presidential candidate at the Republican National Congress in Cleveland.

Trump Clinton: a bipartisan race

At this stage, trump launched three TV debates with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

On the evening of September 26 local time, Trump and Hillary Clinton held their first TV debate at Hofstra University in New York, where they exchanged words on three topics: the direction of the United States, the realization of prosperity and the protection of American security. Most polls after the debate showed that Hillary Clinton won the debate.

On October 9, the second TV debate was held at the University of Washington. On the eve of the debate, the two candidates were exposed with "black material" that would damage their respective images. During the debate, they constantly attacked each other's weaknesses, so that some media described it as "the most vicious debate in the history of American elections". After the debate, CNN's comprehensive poll data showed that Hillary Clinton was temporarily ahead.

The third TV debate took place on the night of October 19 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. This' ultimate debate 'is also seen as Trump's' backwater' because in previous polls, trump has been lagging behind Hillary Clinton. But polls after the debate show that Trump's approval rating still lags behind Hillary Clinton.

Trump Hillary's final duel

November 8 is the polling day of the US general election. The final result shows that trump defeated Hillary Clinton, who won 218 electoral votes, with 276 electoral votes and was elected as the new president of the United States. As of the first finance reporter's press release, Hillary Clinton had called trump to admit defeat.

On December 19, the electoral college will vote to formally elect the next president of the United States. Generally speaking, the electoral college's voting is only a routine business and will not change the result of voting on election day.

On January 20, 2017, a new presidential inauguration ceremony will be held, when trump will officially take office in the White House.