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Why do you shake red wine? Why do you have to shake it before you drink it

We can find a phenomenon in various banquets or wine tasting held by wine agents. Everyone shakes the glass before tasting, making the wine 'Dance' on the wall. Many people don't understand that it's OK to pour the wine into the glass and drink it directly. Why shake it? They think it's a very artificial behavior. Do you need to shake the wine when you pour it into the glass?

First of all, it is certain that it is necessary to shake the glass before drinking. It has the following three functions:

1. It can emit better aroma:

The main function of shaking the glass is to make the aroma of wine better. The swirling and shaking produced by the shaking cup can make the original closed aroma also fully spread out. The complex aroma contained in the wine will be emitted into the air and become fragrant. When you get close to your nose, the flower and fruit fragrance and even the deeper woody flavor will become clear. You will be able to better experience the unique charm of wine.

2. Can have sobering effect:

Many people compare wine to sleeping beauty. It can be said that wine is a living drink. It will emit different flavors with the change of environment. From the moment the bottle is opened, 'Sleeping Beauty' will slowly wake up and start to contact the air, which will make the wine more flavorful. The process of shaking the cup is to increase its contact with the air and accelerate the awakening process of sleeping beauty.

3. We can observe the phenomenon of wine cup hanging

We all know that wine will have more or less hanging glass phenomenon, many people even judge the quality of wine according to the phenomenon of hanging glass of wine; although the hanging glass is not necessarily good wine, but good wine must be hanging glass. Therefore, shaking the glass can be a good observation of wine hanging phenomenon.

So shaking the glass is not for affectation. It is the necessary process of wine tasting, which is of great help to us. There are even scientists on the topic of 'wine shake glass'. The gold velocity of the shaker was studied from the perspectives of hydrodynamics, biology and nutrition in order to achieve the best contact area between liquor and oxygen.