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Why does mother-in-law not like daughter-in-law? How to deal with the relationship between mother-in

Maybe that's what mothers in law think... 1. The mother-in-law thinks that we have robbed her baby son. 2. With our son no longer playing coquetry with his mother, but sweet with us, she will not stand it. 3. The better the son is to us, the more jealous she is, the more she feels that her things are occupied and divided. 4. Pregnant in October, why does the hard-working son treat us without blood relationship 5. Why use her hard-earned money to buy us a house, decorate and buy furniture, but also give us all kinds of miscellaneous money for marriage, what are our qualifications to live in the house she bought! 6. Women will be pregnant, why we have to let her son so hard to support and take care of us when we are pregnant. She thought that she was also hard pregnant and gave birth to a son, but she didn't think it was too expensive to be pregnant 7. Why we are pregnant, she has to cook for us, and have to eat and drink. 8. She also thinks that we can have nothing to do with pregnancy, and think that we are lazy. 9. What's the great thing about confinement? We have to take care of her when we have a mother. We haven't taken care of her 10. Why do you want her to prepare things for childbirth, baby supplies, she won't buy, what gold lock to buy, very expensive 11. Why does the child want to bring her, his body is not good, there is a grandmother to take it on the line!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe my mother-in-law thinks a lot. If Baoma is pregnant with a male treasure, I don't know whether she will think so in the future. But I want to say that it is not easy for people to get together. Because marriage is the fate of two big families, why can't we think about good years? For example, if the son married his daughter-in-law, he would be more filial than unfilial, more people would share instead of be divided, and one more would share People are busy instead of noisy, but how can it be so difficult to have more people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If my mother-in-law really thinks that, I am willing to let my husband give up the present house and live in their home. I will not give me a cent, do not take care of me, do not pay for the month, do not pay for this or that, do not take care of the children, I will live on my own, separate from my husband for a few years, and strive with my husband to buy a house of my own, and then pay alimony to both sides Parents and husbands can often go back to filial piety to the empress dowager, and occasionally favor my abandoned concubine in the cold palace. Then, I will not contact with them when they die of old age. Anyway, they don't want to see me. I will raise the children together with my husband in AA system. In this way, the mother-in-law doesn't have to worry about whether the husband is very tired to support the family. If so, there is no relationship between people Emotional ties, direct swipe card, equivalent exchange good!!!