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Why can shoulder ache all the time? The method that alleviates shoulder week ache arranges summary

Four seas entertainment news: how is shoulder ache to return a responsibility? Scapulohumeral periarthritis is a common clinical orthopedic disease, the main symptom is shoulder pain, at this time we should take effective methods to alleviate. How to do with shoulder ache? The following is the reason of shoulder ache sorted out by Xiaobian. I hope it will be useful to you! The reason why cervical spondylosis easily causes neck pain and neck movement limitation is mainly caused by nerve root compression stimulation.

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Causes of shoulder pain

1. Cervical problems cause shoulder pain

The reason why cervical spondylosis is easy to cause neck pain and neck movement limitation is mainly due to nerve root compression and stimulation. When cervical spondylosis causes shoulder pain, it will feel like an electric shock, accompanied by numbness of fingers, cold limbs and abnormal skin sensation in the compressed nerve innervation area, but there will be no shoulder joint movement disorder.

2. Shoulder muscle spasm causes shoulder pain

When muscles have been in a tense state or we keep a bad sitting posture for a long time, reading and writing for a long time is the most prone to shoulder muscle spasm. The shoulder pain caused by this phenomenon is the most common in the office workers who often work in front of the computer.

3. Shoulder pain caused by tuberculosis of shoulder joint

Shoulder tuberculosis and scapulohumeral periarthritis, attack have shoulder pain and limited mood, but shoulder tuberculosis onset is relatively slow, and often accompanied by low fever, night sweats, pale face, general fatigue and other symptoms.

4. Shoulder pain caused by shoulder tumor

If there is a long tumor around the shoulder, it will cause shoulder pain or shoulder arm movement disorder at a certain stage. The difference between shoulder tumor and scapulohumeral periarthritis is that the patient's shoulder pain will gradually aggravate, and the local swelling phenomenon will occur in the pain site due to tumor growth.

5. Gallbladder disease causes shoulder pain

Common such as gallstones, cholecystitis may cause right shoulder pain phenomenon, this is because the gallbladder and the right shoulder part of the sensory nerve overlap, but when the gallbladder inflammation, the right shoulder and right scapula will also have dull pain feeling. If in addition to feeling shoulder pain, there are acid reflux, abdominal distension, nausea and other symptoms of indigestion, it is best to go to the hospital to check the gallbladder.

6. Shoulder pain caused by heart disease

Shoulder pain may also be related to angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and other heart problems. When these diseases attack, the skin sensation of the heart and left shoulder will transmit to the same bone marrow, causing pain problems. Therefore, the pain will radiate to the left shoulder of the human body. This kind of pain is involved by Chen Wei, which is different from periarthritis of shoulder. The attack of angina pectoris is often related to fatigue or excitement. The pain can be relieved after a short rest. Nitroglycerin tablets can also be used to relieve the disease.

Four methods to relieve pain around shoulder

Rub your back

The affected arm touches the back from the lower side of the back, and the good arm pulls the affected arm from the back and upper side. Often two arms are difficult to touch each other, at this time you can use a towel to connect the two arms, just like rubbing the back.

End shoulder

End shoulder exercise is the key treatment of autonomous scapulohumeral periarthritis, which can relieve shoulder pain. First do the left shoulder end shoulder movement (up shrug), then do the right shoulder end shoulder movement, left and right alternately, do more than 20 times each time.

Climbing the wall

Face lying on an empty wall, arms close to the wall, fingers drive the arm gradually upward to do climbing action. Keep the body stable and motionless, try to make the arms climb higher and higher, until the pain can not go up. As long as we can strive to make the arm climb upward every day, over time, we can gradually relieve the shoulder pain.

Draw a circle

Every one or two hours, do the arm circle. Circle up, down, left and right or back and forth directions, clockwise and anticlockwise alternately. You can put one hand at the waist, the other arm to circle, or both arms at the same time. Make sure you do it slowly and deeply.

Treatment of shoulder pain

1. Acupoint stimulation and pressing

① Jianjing point

In the treatment of shoulder pain, acupoint therapy is the most effective, and Jianjing point is the most effective. Jianjing point is located in the center of the connecting line between the neck root and the shoulder head. It can be clamped under the armpit, and the fingers are close to the other shoulder. At this point, the point where the middle finger just contacts is Jianjing point. A pressure Jianjing point, you will feel very comfortable tenderness (pressure pain), it is easy to find.

Jianjing is a representative acupoint for the treatment of shoulder pain and muscle tangle. The more stiff the shoulder muscles are, the more intense the pain will be. Press and knead Jianjing point, take sitting position, press and knead Jianjing point on right shoulder with left middle finger for 1-2 minutes, change hands. Press and knead Quchi, take the sitting position, massage the Quchi acupoint on the right arm with the tip of the left thumb for 1-2 minutes, and change hands. Press and knead Hegu, take the sitting position, knead Hegu acupoint of the right hand with the fingertip of the left mother finger for 1-2 minutes, and then change hands. Press the Jianjing point with your finger, the blood circulation on your shoulder will be better, and the stiff shoulder will be relaxed gradually.

② Tianzong, Fengchi and Tianzhu

When the pain of shoulder extends to the back, pressing Tianzong acupoint with fingers can be effective. Tianzong point is located in the center of scapula. On the dorsal side of the shoulder, there are triangular bones, that is, the scapula.

Touch the center of the scapula with the finger, you can feel the depression formed by the thinning of the bone. If you feel tingling, it is Tianzong point. In order to improve the effect, you can also stimulate other Fengchi and Tianzhu acupoints.

③ Zhongfu acupoint

It is an important acupoint to eliminate shoulder pain. It is mainly used to treat shoulder pain caused by upper body bow or walking in high-heeled shoes for a long time. It is located about two fingers wide down the end of the clavicle. Press method: slightly hold the shoulder with your hand and gently press the thumb on Zhongfu acupoint.

2. Simple exercise soothing method

① Holding the head with two hands

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hold your hands around the back of your head. Pull your elbows apart, parallel to your body. Two elbows close, as if holding the head, round and round.

② Shoulder pressing with one hand

Take the right shoulder as an example. Feet like lunge, right foot in front of the table more than feet. Keep your left foot straight in the back. The right hand closes on the table, the left hand palm presses the right shoulder, uses the body downward backward swing.

③ Chest enlargement and shoulder separation

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, hands on chest, elbows straight with shoulders, hands on top and palms down. Open your chest, separate your shoulders and inhale. When you exhale.

④ Head pressing palm method

Before going to bed at night and before getting up in the morning, lie on your back in bed, straighten your legs, put your palms under your head, palms up and backs of your hands down, and press the center of your palms tightly with your head (press the palms on the side where you feel pain) for 20 minutes each time. In the first few days, the arm can not be bent too much, and the palm is difficult to extend in place. You can use the method of pressing the palm with the side sleeping head first.

⑤ Holding the arm

Take the seat, pinch the right arm with the left hand, from shoulder to wrist, and then from wrist to shoulder, repeatedly pinch and hold 5-10 times, changing hands.

⑥ Whirling around shoulder

Take the sitting position, stick the palm of the left hand on the right shoulder, rotate the shoulder for 50-100 times to make it warm and warm, and change hands.

⑦ Three fingers grasping method

In any hand, the middle finger of the index finger and the third finger of the ring finger are close together, forming a crooked hook shape, and then scratch the pain of your shoulder from the bottom to the top, which is similar to tickling. The difference is that the three fingers should be close together and exert force.