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Why is Huo Jianhua called a veteran cadre? On the origin of Huo Jianhua's veteran cadres synthesis: why is it called Huo Jianhua's veteran cadre? About Huo Jianhua's style of veteran cadres, the stems circulating in the rivers and lakes can circle the earth several times! In summary, they are diligent and thrifty, do not catch up with the trend, and live a simple and low-key life. In the bizarre and confusing entertainment industry, this contrast is really very interesting. Today, Miss Jie will give you a detailed review of the legends about this veteran Huo cadre.

As an actor, Huo Jianhua's three outlooks are very correct, belonging to the best model of 'five talks, four beauties and three loves'. Reporters went to interview him once and came back with two kilograms of free chicken blood, full of positive energy. For example, he attaches great importance to professional ethics and is absolutely strict with his own high standards. "If he doesn't leave the scene, it will affect people around him. He doesn't do anything irrelevant to his work on the set. 'and' no matter how tired you are, you should show professionalism, which will definitely affect your partners and bring them positive energy. 'and' what do I want to be able to create for others'.

Huo Jianhua has zero tolerance for Internet language! So it's really a test of endurance to communicate with such old cadre idols. Once, some fans said "brain tonic". Huo Jianhua thought it was tonifying the body with traditional Chinese medicine. Later, fans explained that it was "YY something in the brain". The veteran cadre was very wrong and stunned and asked, "what does YY mean"? Ha ha ha ha, old cadres are so cute~

Huo Jianhua's family background: Huo Jianhua is not small in fact, his family are powerful. Huo Jianhua was born in 1979 in Shandong Province (his grandfather's time) and was born in Taiwan. The name of Huo Jianhua's grandfather is huoweisi. He was born in Huojia village, Beima Town, Longkou City, Shandong Province, China. He followed Dr. Sun Yat sen in his early years, and worked in courts in Qingdao, Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan and other places during the period of Lao Jiang. In October 49, the family moved to Taiwan to live. When he arrived in Taiwan, he was also engaged in court work. He once rose to a high position and became a prominent figure in Taiwan after his retirement.

Huo Jianhua's brother Huo Jianyuan. As soon as you look at the names, you can see that this is a brother, because both of them have Huo Jian's names. Huo Jianyuan is currently the director of jiuzhuang police station of Nangang Branch of Taipei City, Taiwan. Because his younger brother is a well-known artist, his attention is quite high.