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Superman is back, why is it off the shelves in 2017? Why are Korean variety shows off the shelves in

Sihai entertainment news: Superman is back, why can't I watch it in 2017? Superman is back is updated every Sunday. Recently, most of the variety shows in Korea 2017 have been removed from the shelves by major domestic video websites, so there is no source update in China, So, why can't we see Superman coming back in 2017? The superman in the following small series is back. We can't see why we can't see it in 2017. Let's understand.

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Superman is back, why can't we watch 2017

On the afternoon of February 26, the KBS variety show "Superman is back" continues to be broadcast. In this program, the story of Xiuya, Dafa and Xueer, Gao Shengcai's being punished, and the love story between Shuyan and Shujun brothers are disclosed.

In the program on the same day, Li Dongguo came to a beauty salon in the south of the Yangtze River in order to change their hair styles. He also met Zhenyong, a member of his acquaintance b1a4.

When Li Dongguo had a haircut, Zhenyong acted as an acting father. In order to buy snacks, he brought the children to the convenience store. The children gave Zhenyong the food they had chosen. Zhenyong also paid the bill generously. He was really a warm uncle.

Xueer has been praising Zhenyong very good, Xiuya said after getting the bread: not uncle is brother? Call brother is also OK.

At this time, Zhenyong also laughed and said, "no, it's uncle.".

Start with big hair and communicate with stylists about what kind of hairstyle you want to choose. Stylists have opened photos of male artists such as Jiang Dongyuan and park Baojian, and asked Dafa to choose his favorite style.

When Kong Yu appeared, Dafa said: This is it. But Xiuya said: Uncle Dongxu.

When the designer finally asked Dafa to make a choice between Kong Yu and Li Dongxu, Dafa stuck to the righteousness of Li Dongxu and chose the shape of Li Dongxu.

But Gao Shengcai's child was punished by his father for doing something wrong. I don't know if it's because his arm is sour. Shengcai's hands are clasped and his face is aggrieved. It is reported that on that day, Sheng Cai was punished by Gao Zhirong, who constantly started a coquettish attack on his father, shouting "Shengcai has done wrong". However, Gao Zhirong firmly said that this was not just a matter of words, which made Shengcai fall into despair.

Shuyan and Shujun are here. Shujun breaks the plants by accident. Shujun plans to take his father to the inner room. When his father gets up to go, the witness Shuyan appears to let his father find the broken plants. When dad asked who did it, Shuyan said, "I accidentally broke it." after dad knew it, he told them not to let mom know. Later, Shu Jun admitted to his father that he had done it carelessly. Honest and loving brothers.

Superman is back is updated every Sunday. Recently, most of the Korean variety shows in 2017 have been removed from the shelves by major domestic video websites. Therefore, we can't find any source updates in China for the time being. We can only find resources on the Internet. As for the reason why Superman is back off the shelves, the official has not yet made an announcement.