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Why should firecrackers be set off during the Spring Festival? What is the meaning of setting off fi

Setting off firecrackers is one of the customs of Chinese New Year. It comes from a monster called Nian. Why do you want to set off firecrackers for the Chinese new year? Next, let's see why we should set off firecrackers in the Spring Festival with

Why should firecrackers be set off during the Spring Festival? What is the meaning of firecrackers?

Firecrackers originated from ancient firecrackers. Firecrackers are also called "explosive battle" and "firecracker". In Tang Dynasty, they were written as "exploding rod", and they were also called "paper gun" and "firecracker" in southern China. If many individual firecrackers are connected in a string, they are called 'firecrackers',' whips' and 'whips'.

The origin of firecrackers is very early and has a history of more than 2000 years. It is used to expel demons and demons in Spring Festival couplets. In the northern and Southern Dynasties, it was a custom to set off firecrackers during the Spring Festival. "Jing Chu Sui Shi Ji" records this custom: "the first day of the first month is the day of the three Yuan Dynasty. It is called Duanyue, which starts with the sound of a rooster. Before the court, firecrackers and grass are burned to keep away mandrills and evil spirits. That's why people set off firecrackers during the Spring Festival. It can be seen that the original meaning of the word "firecracker" is to burn bamboo and explode.

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After the invention of gunpowder, people no longer burned bamboo, but filled the bamboo tube with saltpetre, sulfur, charcoal, etc., to produce "explosive battle". However, people still use the term "firecracker" until today.

Why should firecrackers be set off during the Spring Festival? People set off firecrackers out of superstition, believing that firecrackers can drive away evil spirits, avoid plague, and protect the safety and auspiciousness of family members. There is also an interesting legend about setting off firecrackers. I'm afraid many people will think of a monster called Nian.

It is said that in ancient times, there was a ferocious monster called Nian, which was in the deep sea all the year round. However, at the turn of the new year, it came out to trample on strong crops, hurt people and animals, and the people complained bitterly. Once it ran to the village to commit crimes, and was scared away by the red clothes hanging on the door. In another place, I was scared by the light.

Therefore, people have grasped the weakness of Nian's fear of sound, red and fire. At the end of the year, people paste red couplets, set off firecrackers, hang red lights at their homes, burn firewood and gather fire in the courtyard, chop vegetables and meat with kitchen knives, and make noises. So we all have to set off firecrackers during the Spring Festival. Setting off firecrackers comes from the behavior of driving away ghosts and ghosts. But today people set off firecrackers to celebrate the Chinese new year, because ghosts and ghosts have been driven away, and bad luck has also been driven away.

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