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Why is the hotel toilet door transparent? 4 design reasons rise posture!

Every time Xiao Bian is on a business trip and staying in a hotel

We can see that the bathroom is usually designed with glass

It makes the baby a little shy

So here comes the question...

Have you ever wondered why the bathrooms in general hotels

They are all made of transparent glass

Is it just to add spice to the guests


People think too much

Glass design is not to add spice

More consideration is practical and security purposes

(Xiaobian thinks that people think too much, hehe)


Visual enlargement

Glass walls make the room look bigger

The thickness of the glass compartment is relatively thin

Compared with brick wall, the compartment can save nearly 10 cm of space

And the glass partition makes the room more transparent

It looks more spacious visually

It also reduces a lot of pressure

It's comfortable to live in


energy conservation

Some guests will turn on the bathroom light all night while they are sleeping

If the hotel bathroom is glass

If you don't turn off the lights, it will affect the sleep of the guests

This can play a role in prompting guests to turn off the lights

(it's really sweet)


Check hygiene

With this transparent design

It can also let the hotel cleaners

It's clearer to see where it hasn't been cleaned up

It's also more convenient to check


Insight into everything in the room

The transparent design allows you to bathe in a transparent way

You can see everything in the room

Minimize the risk of property loss

What if someone breaks in and steals while you're out of sight

Not afraid of ten thousand, just in case

What a surprise

Even the hotel design is so humanized

If you think it's for fun

That would be a big mistake

Wake up