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Why does skin itch after moxibustion? How does skin itch return a responsibility when moxibustion

Recently, I often hear some people say that after moxibustion, skin itching, some even redness and swelling, and blisters will appear. After these symptoms appear, people will doubt whether or not to continue moxibustion? Is this the sequela of moxibustion? Today, doctor AI will tell you about the causes of skin itching after moxibustion.

Skin rash after moxibustion, itching, upset and stuffy are all caused by dampness, cold and wind evil in different internal organs. For example, urticaria is due to the accumulation of dampness after spleen deficiency, and acts in collusion with the wind evil of liver fire transforming wind. When it breaks out, it breaks out in pieces without positioning & hellip; & hellip; other Western Medicine says that all kinds of rashes, macules, papules, herpes zoster with different symptoms are wind evil and cold evil groups dominated by dampness evil, which run and destroy, leading to various skin diseases.

After moxibustion, the penetration of Yang Qi of moxibustion is effectively supplemented and restored by the Yang Qi of liver, spleen and kidney, and the function is strengthened, and the ability of detoxification and self-healing is strengthened. With the power of fighting against the pathogenic factors, the pathogenic factors are driven out of the internal organs, blood, and other tissues and organs and enter the skin. When it is discharged, there will be rashes with various symptoms on the skin, which is the detoxification and disease elimination reaction of traditional Chinese medicine. Similar to the rash mentioned by western medicine, some of them are itchy, some are painful, some are yellow water, and some are dry and peeling. The more itchy it is, the heavier and deeper the poison gas is, the more serious the damage to viscera, blood and organs will be. If the disease pathogen can go deep into this situation, it can also be judged that the disease has been in for a long time, which can be called the disease of "deep disease". And often this kind of patient is still more impatient, since the 'deep-seated disease', that is to give moxibustion for a period of time, to the body detoxification for a period of time, can not be anxious.

One of the functions of the skin is the largest detoxification organ of the human body. If there are any diseases and evils in the body, the human body must first discharge the toxin through the skin, which can discharge to the skin. How terrible it is, it is no threat. According to traditional Chinese medicine: "the occurrence of any disease is subject to internal and then external". As long as it can be sent out, the disease will be cured, which depends on whether the patient can give the opportunity to expel pathogenic factors. Whether the disease pathogen can be completely eliminated.

The general person this kind of symptom will disappear after a few days, so need not take measure, can continue moxibustion. Moxibustion is not suitable for people with allergic reaction to moxibustion for a week, because most of them are not allergic to moxibustion.