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Why can have menopause? What is menopause symptom

With the growth of age, many female friends are prone to menopause syndrome in middle age. After suffering from this disease, female friends will have great emotional changes, affecting family harmony. Not only that, this situation will also bring great harm to the health of female friends. So do you know what causes menopausal syndrome in women? What are its clinical manifestations and what methods can be used to treat menopausal syndrome? Let's take a look at the following.

Climacteric syndrome refers to a series of symptoms caused by the decline of estrogen level due to the gradual decline or loss of ovarian function during or after menopause. Climacteric syndrome often occurs between 45 and 55 years old. Generally, these symptoms begin to appear when menstrual disorder occurs during menopause, which can last for 2-3 years after menopause. Only a few people can relieve or disappear after 5-10 years of menopause.

Menopause is a stage that every woman must go through. However, the symptoms of each woman vary in severity and duration. The mild symptoms can be safe and the severe ones can affect work and life, and even develop into menopausal diseases. Short months, long can last a few years. Although menopausal syndrome has many symptoms, its essence is a process of endocrine changes that women must experience in their life.


First, physiological changes

Ovarian function decline, secretion of estrogen and ovulation gradually reduced and lost cycle, until ovulation stopped; pituitary secretion of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone is too much. Structural and functional changes of target organs of estrogen, such as vagina, uterus, breast and urethra. Therefore, irregular menstruation, hot flashes, sweating, palpitations, frequent urination, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, decreased desire, poor sleep, osteoporosis and body fat appear in perimenopausal period. With the physiological changes, women can also appear some psychological discomfort reactions, such as emotional instability, memory decline, paranoia, worry and depression.

Second, social relations

Perimenopausal women are faced with some social problems, such as career difficulties, divorce, parents' illness or death, children growing up and leaving their side. All of these bring them mental pressure and interfere with their life, work and relationship with others to a certain extent. They often feel that they are getting old, they don't like to participate in public activities, and are prone to get angry with their families. These situations, if not understood by the society and family, are likely to lead to family conflicts and even endanger women's health.

Symptoms of climacteric syndrome

(1) Menstruation gradually decreased

Cycle is the interval time is extended, menstrual period that is bleeding time is shortened, so as to gradually stop menstruation. But there are also menstrual increase, accompanied by a large number of blood clots, and then slowly stop, reproductive capacity loss, reproductive organ atrophy.

(2) Mental and autonomic disorders

Patients often feel the head and neck of a wave of red, hot, sweating, dizziness, headache, tinnitus, low back pain, dry mouth, burning throat, not easy to concentrate, and nervous, emotional complex and changeable, irritability, insomnia key forgetting, skin numbness and itching, sometimes ant walking sensation, that is, ants crawling on the body, and even hysterical attacks.

(3) Palpitation, increased blood pressure, obesity, lower extremity edema, etc

All 45 ~ 50 year old women with the above symptoms can be diagnosed as climacteric syndrome after other diseases are eliminated by the doctor's examination.

Forecast index

The premonitory or early symptoms of female menopause are obvious. The following indicators can be used to predict menopause.

Prediction by family inheritance

As the age of menopause has a certain relationship with genetic factors, the age of menopause of grandmother, mother and sister can be used as a predictor of the age of granddaughter, daughter and sister. But this index is not absolute. It is easy to be affected by the acquired living conditions, environment, climate, social factors, drugs, diseases and other factors, so that menopause can be advanced or delayed.

Prediction of climacteric age from menarche age

Most people have observed and confirmed that the age of menarche is negatively correlated with the age of menopause, that is, the earlier the age of menarche, the later the age of menopause (menopause); on the contrary, the later the age of menarche, the earlier the age of menopause.

Menstrual disorders

Menstrual disorder is the final manifestation of premenopausal menstruation. The performance of menstrual changes can be roughly divided into three types: first, menstrual interval is long, menstrual flow is short, menstrual volume is reduced, and then slowly stop menstruation; second, irregular menstruation, some people go through menstruation for a long time, amount of menstruation, and even show vaginal bleeding; some people show incisive and continuous, and then gradually reduce until menopause; third, sudden menopause. Menopause is one of the important indicators of menopause.

Signs of menopause

Women generally have certain symptoms before menopause. If the patient feels the chest, neck and face suddenly have a heat wave upward expansion feeling, at the same time, the skin of the above parts is red, and often accompanied by sweating. For example, menstruation is more accurate at ordinary times, and there is no special discomfort before menstruation, and suddenly before a certain menstruation, breast distension, emotional instability, insomnia and dreaminess, headache, abdominal distension, limb swelling and other pre menstrual tension syndrome; in addition, the emergence of irritability, anxiety, doubt and other emotional and spiritual changes, is also a precursor to menopause.

Through the above prediction methods and their own physical and mental feelings, most women can know whether they have entered menopause.