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Why can't I watch running man2017? Why is Korean variety show off the shelves

Sihai entertainment news: why can't running man2017 be found in Youku? Can you see it online? China's South Korea restriction order is fully implemented! A few days ago, domestic video website platforms have been off the shelves of Korean variety shows, including the very popular Korean running man, jungle law, etc. All the Korean variety shows that are being updated have been offline. Only the programs that have been completed last year can be seen.

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Why can't running man2017 watch Korean variety show off the shelves

Since last year, rumors about the so-called "Korean restriction order" have been heard all the time. Although the Ministry of foreign affairs has made it clear that there is no such order, we all know the real reason. In short, with this rumor, the frequency of South Korean stars coming to China to perform is becoming less and less. Even those who are still participating in the show have been cut off in a hurry, such as Huang Zhilie of "where is Dad going?".

Not only are there fewer South Korean stars performing in China, but even Korean dramas and Korean variety shows are hard to find on the satellite TV platform, which can be said to have disappeared.

Recently, a piece of News revealed that the Korean restriction order was finally implemented. Last week, many netizens found that running man, a well-known Korean variety show, had been removed from the shelves. Chinese viewers could no longer see the South Korean running man. In addition, many other variety shows were also taken off the shelves by video websites. For a while, the Korean order was brought to the ground by the Korean popular variety show collective dog.

For the South Korean runner running man off the shelves, many viewers expressed regret. Does this mean the beginning of the Korean restrictions or the end of the Korean restrictions?

On February 24, the Phoenix Angel TSKS Korean drama club sent a message on its microblog, saying: 'all major copyright online stations will suspend updating all Korean wave programs from today. You and I know why. "The blogger is certified as the official microblog of Phoenix Angel boutique film and television, with a large number of Korean fans and exposure materials, which can be said to be highly reliable.

According to the blogger's blog post: 'I got the news last week and I'm ready for it. These two days, all kinds of wind and wind are in danger. All programs of our agency will be produced normally. Some TV drama programs whose copyrights have not been affected outside the mainland will be released as planned. We are in the process of negotiating with various copyrights for the affected programs. If the negotiation fails, please wait patiently. Please watch and cherish it. Don't be stingy with your messages. We will select some programs according to popularity, and ask for copyright for simultaneous release. Please understand that there is no individual in front of the country. '

Xiaobian opened many domestic video websites for the first time, and found that the variety shows such as "running man", "new journey to the west", "wedding diary", "two days and one night", "idol of the week" have been removed from the shelves, and the variety shows that can be seen are all over.

All kinds of signs show that the legend of the restriction of Han Dynasty will really start to gain power!

Since October last year, South Korean stars have been "zero announcement" in China. Although some Korean stars appeared in 2016, the frequency of performance is greatly reduced compared with the past, and the major local satellite TV platforms have completely banned Korean stars and Korean dramas.

Originally, from the editor's point of view, only South Korean stars were limited to perform in China. At most, Korean dramas could not be broadcast in China. However, they did not expect that even variety shows would be banned.

Some netizens also have different views on this. Some people think: "although they like Han Zong very much, they still support this decision, and those who want to plagiarize them should take them with them as soon as possible." "it's a pity that all the top variety shows in South Korea are off the shelves.". "Han Ling is really going to be very powerful. '

In fact, according to the editor, as the blogger mentioned above, there is no one in front of the country. We all know why there is limited Korean order. Since its appearance, the first wave of Korean stars has been affected, followed by the upgrading of TV series. There are 53 TV dramas in which Korean stars have participated. For example, jade lovers, starring Zheng Shuang, has attracted much attention since the shooting started, but now it has also disappeared directly.

Now, the restrictions on South Korea ushered in the third wave of upgrading. This time, variety shows are suffering. In fact, it is not only Korean variety shows that are all off the shelves, but also domestic variety shows dare not let Korean stars join in. Where my father went before is a living example. Huang Zhilie was replaced on the way, and Xiangzuo replaced him to get on the bus, which really shocked many people.

Limited under the Korean order, netizens can only watch and cherish.