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Why do clothes have static electricity

Static electricity is a substance. When the low humidity weather appears, the chemical fiber texture underwear, carpet, cushion and wallpaper can produce static electricity by friction. In addition, the use of household appliances will also produce static effect or static electricity on the shell.

Static electricity makes the body uncomfortable, can also cause headache, insomnia and irritability and other symptoms, even lead to rash and arrhythmia, neurasthenia and mental patients are more harmful.

How to eliminate the static electricity harmful to people's health, the following method is simple and easy to operate, may as well try:

1. When the indoor air humidity is lower than 30%, it is conducive to friction to generate static electricity. If the temperature is increased to 45%, the static electricity is difficult to generate. Therefore, when the low humidity weather appears, you may as well sprinkle some water at home, where it is inconvenient to wet the floor, place one or two pots of clear water, which can also achieve the purpose of increasing indoor air humidity.

2. When CRT works, electrostatic particles will be generated around the screen, which will absorb a large amount of floating dust in the air, which will have adverse effects on human body and skin. Here, CRTs cannot be placed in the bedroom. Wash your face and hands after reading.

3. It is recommended to wear cotton underwear and underpants in winter for the elderly, children, patients with static electricity sensitivity, heart patients without finding out the cause, neurasthenia and mental patients, so as to reduce the adverse effects of static electricity on people.

4. Wash frequently and change clothes frequently, which can effectively eliminate the static charge accumulated on the surface of human body.

5. When the hair can't be combed and pasted, soak the comb in water, and after the static electricity is eliminated, you can comb it at will.

6. Barefoot is conducive to the release of static electricity accumulated on the body surface. Therefore, when leisure, don't let go of all the opportunities of barefoot.